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Black Pony, Coogee – Rating: 16.5/25

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This popular café just seconds away from Coogee Beach is a prime spot to begin a day of fun in the sun.  You may experience a short wait because of this but the sight of the dishes flying by encouraged us … Continue reading


Deckhouse, Woolwich – Rating: 15.5/25 (re-review 2)

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Yes, it’s my third review of Deckhouse.  After their first time jitters and second round improvements, I was hoping to see some consistency from them. While I have never seen it completely full, this morning they had opened up the … Continue reading


Bird And Bear Boathouse, Elizabeth Bay – Rating: 17.5/25

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Bathed in sunlight down by the marina, surrounded by friendly faces and sipping on coffee; there’s plenty to enjoy at Bird and Bear Boathouse in Elizabeth Bay. The boathouse itself has been turned into the kitchen.  The counter at the … Continue reading


H2O Café, Narrabeen – Rating: 22/25

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I could have picked a better day to visit a waterside café!  Through blustery wind and drenching rain, we huddled within the spacious, elegant interior glad to be inside.  Outdoor seating is available and this would certainly be a prime … Continue reading


Sea Bar Café, Dee Why – Rating: 17/25 (re-review)

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We have been to Sea Bar before.  So why again when there are so many cafés along the strip?  Strolling along the Dee Why beach front, it just seems to have the right amount of customers (a lot meaning the … Continue reading


The Boathouse, Palm Beach – Rating: 18.5/25

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I recently reviewed armchair collective in Mona Vale which makes for a great destination on a lazy Sunday but if you really want to make a day out of your drive north, why not try The Boathouse at Palm Beach. … Continue reading


Deckhouse, Woolwich – Rating: 18.5/25 (re-review)

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It was a little over two years ago that we visited the newly-opened Deckhouse.  Despite being quite disappointed, we vowed to return once they had found their feet and today we ventured back to the location with arguably one of … Continue reading


Lyne Park Café, Rose Bay – Rating: 18/25

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  If a friend hadn’t recommended Lyne Park Café we would not have even known it was there.  Situated in the clubhouse of the tennis centre on New South Head Road, the café overlooks a picnic perfect park and the … Continue reading


Sunrise Café, Warriewood – Rating: 18/25

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To do a sunny day like today justice, we just had to visit a beach café.  We’ve been to Warriewood before to review the SLSC Beach Café.  I had spotted Sunrise Café as we were leaving and added it to … Continue reading


Echo On The Marina, Roseville – Rating: 18.5/25

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Echo is certainly envied for its position, sitting right on the Rosevill Marina with glorious views.  It can be reached by short bushwalk from Babbage Road or a daunting series of steps from Normac Street.  An inclinator can be used … Continue reading


Beach Café Warriewood SLSC, Warriewood – Rating: 16/25

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Beach Café at the Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club sits directly on Warriewood Beach with amazing sights and sounds of the surrounding activities.  The café is somewhere between a beach kiosk and a typical Sydney café. On the weekends it … Continue reading


Barzura, Coogee – Rating: 15.5/25

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A gentle sea breeze and morning sun provide perfect conditions for our breakfast outing at Coogee Beach today.  People are milling about outside waiting for their take away orders.  It’s a large café and the waitstaff are running around trying to … Continue reading


Café Splat, Queenscliff – Rating: 20/25 (re-review)

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Splat round two!  After our first review, this café has become the favourite of Dane’s sister so when she invited us along, we couldn’t resist a return visit. Sitting on a sun-drenched corner of Queenscliff with a gorgeous view over … Continue reading


Blackwattle Café, Glebe – Rating: 18.5/25

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If you like good views, great food and adorable dogs, this is the café for you!  Blackwattle Bay café sits on the water’s edge in Glebe, across the bay from the ANZAC Bridge.  It is still a relatively new addition … Continue reading


Greenhouse, Circular Quay West – Rating: 17.5/25

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What a great idea – a living and breathing café!  Greenhouse is a temporary café (closing in a month so be quick) designed by Joost Bakker which has been installed at Circular Quay West, Sydney.  Most of the structure is covered … Continue reading


Ripples, Milsons Point – Rating: 15.5/25

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There are four Ripples restaurants all of which offer exquisite views and a pleasant dining experience.  For Dane’s Birthday we wanted to review a café that had a lot of options on the menu and a reputation for good food. … Continue reading

Café Splat, Queenscliff – Rating: 20.5/25

Café Splat

Summer has finally decided to show its glorious self which has encouraged us to review more beachside cafés.  Splat has been on the list for a long time and we finally made it there today.  Its location is outstanding – perched above Queenscliff beach with a view stretching across to the International College of Management.  There are two tables on the sidewalk, a bench for those waiting or just enjoying a coffee, numerous tables inside and a deck with spectacular views at the back (this would be our recommendation).  We seated ourselves and after about five minutes asked for our menus which arrived quickly.  The menu is diverse and has some unique items: weekend waffles – freshly made Danish waffles served with maple syrup ($10.50), mixed berry compote ($2), scoop vanilla ice cream ($1.50), chocolate sauce ($1), the local – poached eggs, bacon, pork and leek breakfast sausage, potato cake, oven roasted tomato, aussie beans and lightly buttered ciabatta toast ($18.50) and the just-moved-in – the mystery breakfast combination – not quite local ($13.50).  I had some high expectations from Splat and to be honest we all left extremely impressed.

Smoothberry Smoothie

We found the smoothberry smoothie ($6.50) too milky for our taste.  I was the only person at the table who enjoyed it so it’s lucky I was the one who ordered it!  The majority of the flavour was blueberries but in the future we would request some ice cream be added to thicken the smoothie and provide some extra taste.

Skim cappuccino

The skim cappuccinos (regular $3.50) tasted a bit burnt.  We have tried the Gusto blend before and enjoyed it so we were expecting better.


You simply can’t order a babycino ($?) without everyone at the table going “awwww” when it arrives.  Smiles aplenty from the young patron who ordered this and the marshmallows were a much appreciated bonus.

French toast and crispy bacon

The French toast ($13.50) pleased everyone at the table in terms of presentation and flavour.  The bacon used at Splat is delicious, slightly thicker than normal and cooked until just crispy.  The maple syrup was slightly thicker than normal but it tasted great and the toast itself was fantastic: soft and fluffy inside while slightly crisp outside.

Herbed mushrooms and bacon with extra pumpkin & lentil sausage

The prices at Splat were reasonable with the sizes of all the dishes suitable for most people.  The herbed mushrooms and bacon ($12.50) was easily the largest of our meals.  The person who ordered it is not usually a large eater but finished everything on her plate.  She added a pumpkin & lentil sausage ($3) on the side to taste.  It was extremely soft inside, flowing out as we tried to fork it.  The flavour didn’t blow us away but it combined well with the main dish.  The mushrooms themselves are sautéed in real butter and the herbs as well were fresh and full of flavour.  There was a distinct rosemary taste amongst others but altogether the flavours were great and our guest would order this again on return.

Big breakfast sausage

While on the subject of sausages, you may be horrified to know that we ordered a big breakfast sausage ($4) for Hugo, our obedient Daschund.  Of course we tasted it ourselves and we were glad we did.  The top of the menu boasts that the sausages are award winners (we’re not sure what award) and with good reason.  The pork inside tasted great and we can now add this location to our extremely small list of cafés that serve good breakfast sausages.

Zucchini and corn fritters

The zucchini and corn fritters ($15.50) was another in a stream of dishes that were enjoyed by everyone at the table.    We would have preferred the balsamic reduction on the fritters as they needed the flavour boost more than the bacon however the combination of the fritters with the rest of the ingredients in this dish work well for them.  A forkful of the fritter, rocket, bacon and tomato became a highly sought-after commodity at our table so kudos to the chefs on a great dish.


After the ‘great failed BLEAT search’ (see Jenny’s Café) I felt dubious about ordering another as I was unsure whether it could live up to my expectations.  Splat’s BLEAT (bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado, tomato) ($13.50) surprised me.  Despite its lack of aioli which is one of my favourite BLEAT additions, the sheer freshness, perfectly prepared ingredients and tasty Turkish roll made this a great meal.  Lots of Splat’s great bacon was present and the egg yolk, fresh avocado and tomato topped this sandwich off for me.

The friendly locals and staff combined with awesome food and a view to die for make this one of my favourites in recent weeks.  It’s also nice to find a menu, website and of course group of staff with some personality and a sense of humour.  The menu has plenty more on offer than what we tried and listed at the beginning of the review so you may need to visit multiple times!  Thanks Café Splat, we’ll be back!

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 20.5/25

Website: http://www.cafesplat.com.au
Phone: 9905 0600
Address: 68a Queenscliif Road, Queenscliff, 2096

Payment Options: Credit cards, EFTPOS, cash

Seasalt, Clovelly – Rating: 16.5/25

Seasalt Café

Imagine a cool breeze on a summer’s morning, rays of sun breaking through the clouds and the calming sound of the sea.  We’re awoken from this reverie by splats of rain from the grey sky.  Sea Salt is located next to the picturesque Clovelly Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.  It seems like a great destination for a fine summer’s day however it was cold and windy on this rainy spring day.

We’re lucky we’re such good friends because this café has our opinions decidedly split!  Dane and our guest for this week thoroughly enjoyed their meals while April was left unimpressed.  More on that later…  Our first impressions of Seasalt were that it didn’t look as impressive as their website.  Pictures of lobsters, wine glasses and shining silverware are contrasted on location by the word “kiosk” and the plastic lime green chairs.  There is no shortage of seating which is great for the late risers.  We were offered a table immediately by the staff whereas other patrons were told they could simply sit anywhere so it’s a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Mango smoothie

We have four words for you: “order the mango smoothie”.  The fruit frappes and smoothies ($6.50) are available in mango or mixed berries, all made to order with fresh fruit.  The texture of this beverage was part of its allure as you could make out the pieces of real mango.  The flavour was out of this world and comes highly recommended.

Large flat white

Our guest Andrew is no stranger to coffee and ordered a large flat white ($3.60). He said the coffee was a bit burnt but provided the necessary caffeine hit.

Piccolo latte

April ordered the Piccolo latte ($3.50). It was tasty and well presented, as usual she was left wanting more.

Potato Rosti

Dane ordered the potato rosti ($14.50) and added a side of bacon ($7.50).  Every element of this dish was outstanding.  The rosti itself was crispy on the outside but airy and soft inside.  The chipotle mayonnaise and rocket took it to another level and when combined with the guacamole and roasted tomato, Dane was in flavour heaven!  The bacon… sure there was plenty of it but $7.50 for a side is ridiculous.  Why not shrink the portion and price?

Eggs Benedict

Our guest ordered the eggs Benedict with spinach, hollandaise and smoked ham ($15.90) or smoked salmon ($17.90). The eggs were cooked to perfection, oozing out yolk when lightly sliced.  The sausages were still sizzling when they hit the table and made our mouths water.

Home-made Baked Beans

April ordered the home-made baked beans on sourdough toast with parmesan and rocket ($12.90). It was bland, dry and included a mountain of beans.   The beans had no taste at all and the rocket had no dressing.  It would be better if the portion was smaller and included avocado or a salad.  April was left hoping that next week’s breakfast would be better.

So we walked away with mixed reviews of Seasalt.  For Dane, it’s worthy of a return visit if you’re in the area.  The waitstaff were responsive and friendly, our food and beverages were delivered promptly and the potato rosti was amazing.  April recommends calling in for coffees, or buying an ice cream from the kiosk.

Prices are as reasonable as most other cafés we visit but keep an eye on the prices of the sides (tomato $4, scrambled eggs $5.50, breakfast sausage $6.60, bacon or mushrooms $7.50, toast $6.90).  Other dishes that whizzed passed our table looking delicious were the breakfast crumble with poached fruit ($9.90), french toast with berry compote ($14.50) and the Seasalt BLT ($16.80).

Clovelly is a protected beach that is good for families.  There is great snorkelling beyond the rocks, just be carefully of the sharp reef.  It’s also close to the coastal walk that winds around the cliffs from the Waverly Cemetery to Bondi Beach.

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStar

Overall Rating: 16.5/25

Website: http://www.seasaltcafe.com.au/
Phone: 9664 5344
Address: Corner of Victory Street & Clovelly Road, Clovelly, 2031

Payment Options: Credit cards, EFTPOS, cash.  No split bills

Parramatta Park Café, Parramatta – Rating: 14/25

Parramatta Park Café

Parramatta is best known for Church Street, a popular restaurant and café strip.  However this week we ventured away from the hustle and bustle of a city centre and relaxed in the Parramatta Park Café.  The Park is well maintained with a creek and river running through it.  There is a bicycle track and numerous open and shady spaces to relax or enjoy some sports.  The Parramatta Park Café is right at the centre of this green getaway, serving more than what you would expect from a park kiosk.  There are numerous seats both inside and out with most tables having a view of the river.  Table service is provided.

Strawberry and banana smoothie

The jumbo strawberry and banana smoothie ($5.50) seemed like a safer bet than the avocado smoothie.  It was served to us overflowing and we got very sticky while we sipped it.  The fruit was fresh however the ice cream used did have a tangy aftertaste that was not very favourable.  There are numerous other bottled cold drinks as well as teas and coffees so we’d recommend choosing one of them.

Bundaberg ginger beer

The Bundaberg Ginger Beer ($3.50) was thirst quenching and delicious.  Not much more can be really said except we were given a glass with ice in it, which was appreciated.

Chef’s omelette

One of three specials on the menu was the chef’s omelette ($14.50).  There was no shortage of vareity and amount of ingredients.  Enclosed in the omelette was bacon which would have benefitted from longer frying on a separate pan, chorizo, salami, tomato, parmesan and rocket.  The one gripe we had was that it was not cheesy enough – we wanted to cut the omelette and have strings of cheese between the pieces.  Otherwise, we enjoyed the dish as it was not too dry and boasted plenty of flavour.

Turkish toast with avocado

The Turkish toast with avocado ($10) was overpriced for what it was.  The avocado looked slightly bruised and wasn’t presented very well but was ripe and delicious nonetheless.  We would’ve liked some lemon on the side and some salt and pepper too.

Seasonal fruit salad

The seasonal fruit salad ($8.50) was also disappointing. It didn’t look very fresh and was served in an unappetising manner squashed into the bowl.

The café has a great location so if you’re out enjoying the park it’s convienent to stop buy.  The waitress who took our order was very helpful but we did not receive the same service form others.  Cutlery, food and drinks were cast onto our table in a fashion we’re not used to.  You’ll pay relatively high prices for average food so don’t come with high expectations.

Parramatta Park

The Park is gorgeous and has a large bike track for cyclists.  Bring along your picnic rug and Razor scooter for maximum enjoyment.

Taste: StarStar
Service: StarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStar

Overall Rating: 20.5/25

Website: http://www.ppeventcentre.com.au/cafe.html
Phone: 9630 0144
Address: Parramatta Park, Parramatta, 2150

Payment Options: Credit cards, EFTPOS, cash