A Shift of Focus

In the last year, as other things have taken my attention, SoS has been neglected.  I’ve attempted to review when I could however I’ve found this to be too infrequent.  This, combined with the fact that Google and Facebook reviews have become so prominent, mean that there isn’t as much of a requirement for a review site like SoS anymore.

So I’m shifting the focus of the reviews to photography which will be done mainly through Facebook (and I’ll look at embracing Instagram as well).  I’ll keep this going as long as I’m enjoying what I do!  The Google Map which has all of my reviews by location and date will continue to be updated.

The new photo format will start with four reviews that will be up today!  Let me know your feedback!

Head to Facebook or Instagram to continue the journey.

2 responses to “A Shift of Focus

  1. Hey Dane –
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your reviews and often check when considering what cafe to go to – thank you for posting what you do!
    I will follow along on Instagram now.
    Bianca 🙂

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