Butcherbird Café, Petersham – Rating: 17/25

Butcherbird Café

Sometimes you wake up and you just feel like something with lots of bacon.  Sometimes lots of cheese.  Sometimes fried potato.  And I bet that sometimes you just want all of those things in your mouth at once.  You know who you are…

I found a place that will satisfy you (as well as the person on the other side of the table who may want something a bit less offensive grand for breakfast)!  Butcherbird Café are experts at burgers and catch names for their dishes.  The Mark Truffalo and A Kumara Frittata spring to mind!

It’s fairly small and hot inside (despite the air-conditioner) but the tables on the sidewalk are dog friendly and breezy so that was our choice!  While our dishes took a bit longer than one would expect, other tables didn’t seem to have the same issue so it doesn’t appear to be a big issue.

Flat white

Flat white

English breakfats tea

The coffee ($3.50) at Butcherbird really does taste like no other that you would have tried.  It’s not heavy but has it’s own unique hints of spice and needs to be tried!  Tea ($4) available includes Earl Grey, English breakfast, Jasmine green, lemongrass & ginger, peppermint and organic chai.

White chocolate strawberry thickshake

The milkshakes ($5) and thickshakes ($6.50) are definite winners.  As well as the usual flavours, there is a weekly special which on my visit was the white chocolate strawberry thickshake ($7).  Consistency and strong flavours were on point.

Heaps smashed

While at first it may appear that the menu is dominated by items containing meat, there are quite a few vegetarian options and they account for almost half of the offerings.  The heaps smashed ($13, add and egg for $3) is a good option with plenty of avocado flavoured by lime, goats cheese, coriander, toasted pepitas and chilli.  The combination works, as you could imagine but in my opinion it does need some crispy free range bacon ($4) on the side.  My friend’s housemade hashbrown was also $4.

Morning glory

One of the other vegetarian options is the morning glory ($11) which is normally served on a toasted milk bun however my friend opted for bread instead.  This sandwich came with avocado, housemade hash brown, a fried egg, spinach and basil mayonnaise.  There wasn’t a much of a flavour hit as she was expecting but the flavours match harmoniously and make for a delicious sandwich.

The Hangover Pt. 1

While I have been eating a lot more vegetarian meals in recent months, I simply couldn’t ignore The Hangover Pt 1 ($18).  While the Pt 2 ($20) adds a second patty and slice of cheese, I was very pleased with my dish.  150g Wagyu patty, crispy bacon, American cheese, housemade hashbrown, mayonnaise, free range fried egg and smokey habanero tomato sauce.  In my opinion this was neither over the top nor too messy.  Everything goes together well and each mouthful combined a bit of each ingredient.  The crispy bacon was heavenly and the cheese was a great binding inclusion.  The smokey habanero tomato sauce could stand to have a touch more chilli though!

There are some other burgers and rolls on the menu including bacon & egg (crispy free range bacon, free range fried egg, melted cheddar and smokey habanero tomato sauce, $10) and the truffles & bacon & beef, oh my (150g Wagyu patty, havarti cheese, crispy free range bacon, rocket, Lou’s tomato jam and truffle mayonnaise, $16).

It’s a small menu but those who love burgers, shakes, good coffee and a dollop of avocado here and there for good measure will be pleased.  Check Butcherbird Café’s Facebook page for the occasional evening burger bonanza too!

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 17/25

Website: and
Phone: 8385 4923
Address: 74 Palace St, Petersham

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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