Wildpear Café, Dural – Rating: 18/25 (re-review)

Wildpear Café

I’ve reviewed Wild Pear Café before, but on a wet weekend in Sydney when you just want to get away from the chaos and enjoy a drive through the suburbs where space is less of a premium, this is a great destination.  This time, the line was much shorter (and I had the forethought to book) but it was still full inside.

When there are patrons at every table, it can become a bit loud but thankfully the big table next to us finished shortly after we were seated.  Service was prompt and there was someone nearby most times when we need something.

One of the first things that will catch you attention as you sit and observe at WPC, are the huge portions that pass you on their way to other tables.  Bring your appetite or just ask for a spare plate to share with someone if large servings are too daunting for you!

Long black

English breakfast tea

Summer berry iced tea

While the coffees at WPC aren’t as good as some of the others that I indulge in during my exploits around Sydney, they were full-bodied and flavoursome enough to be quite pleasing to everyone at the table.

The Summer berry iced tea was reasonable.  It’s homemade but I found it sightly too sweet  and it tasted like a fruit cordial.

Bacon avocado stack

The first example of the large servings at Wildpear is the bacon avocado stack ($21.90).  Two pieces of toast with ricotta heaped with baby spinach, avocado, crispy bacon and topped with parmesan.  The sweet chilli jam on the side added a great flavour boost and some scorched cherry tomatoes on the side were delicious.  A hearty meal that will please even the hungriest soul.

Breakfast burger

The breakfast burger ($20.90) is also packed with ingredients.  Spicy chorizo, plenty of bacon, fried egg, slaw  and more of the chilli jam on a soft bun.  The hash brown on the side was extremely crispy.  I enjoyed it on its own but I added it to my burger along with a big slathering of the harissa aoili from the plate.  Savoury heaven!

Grilled broccolini

The kitchen knows what works together.  The grilled broccolini ($22.90) is an example of this.  Involving a lot more than its namesake, this was another plate that made the table creak as it was placed down.  Packed with poached eggs, avocado, scorched cherry tomatoes, harissa aioili, baby spinach and celeriac.  The seasoning was spot on and my guest was extremely happy to climb this magnificent mountain!

Banana & pineapple rum compote pancakes

The pancakes ($18.90) were thick and fluffy and topped with a macadamia and oat biscuit crumble with sides of caramelised white chocolate, double cream and maple syrup.  The pineapple was a different yet pleasant touch.  The flavours were unique yet combined beautifully.  I could have done without the dill though.

Delicious treats adorn the menu.  Other offerings include vegetarian breakfast (poached eggs, grilled haloumi, peas & avocado, hash brown, smoked chery tomato relish & mushroom ($23.90) and coconut yoghurt pannacotta with granola, fresh mango cheek & kaffir lime milk ($15.90).

With flavours like that, I’d like to see you try and not go out for a visit!

Taste: StarStarStarStarhalf
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStarhalf
Value: StarStarStarStarhalf

Overall Rating: 18/25

Phone:   9651 6600
Address: 658 Old Northern Road, Dural

Payment Options: EFTPOS, credit cards, cash.  No split bills, credit card minimum $20.

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