Wild Basket, Neutral Bay – Rating: 16/25

Wild Basket

Wild Basket

Wild Basket has a great location; bright but not overly sunny, easy to find but the road isn’t too busy.  You’ll need to hit up the counter to order and pay.  Having said that I would have expected to see fewer staff in such a small café that didn’t have table service.  Apparently they are  hiring a manager though so my observation probably goes hand in hand with that fact!

The interior brings a mix of urban concrete and bricks with implements that will remind you of gardening and farming.  And apparently they source their ingredients from free range and sustainable sources.  Who am I to argue?



Flat white

Flat white

The cups of Pablo & Rusty coffee unfortunately did nothing for myself or my guest.  I’v mentioned it before but I find P&R’s coffee quite bland.  There are many happy customers on the WB Facebook page though so you might disagree with me!

Sourdough toast with avocado, tomato, marinated feta

Sourdough toast with avocado, tomato, marinated feta

Despite a few of my negative comments, this is one dish that I’d consider going back for.  There’s a ‘but’ though…

The sourdough toast with avocado, tomato, marinated feta & a hint of spice ($12) combines fresh ingredients with smooth feta and a ridiculously good and spicy sauce.  The bacon ($4) on the side made it even better but the big letdown was the toast.  I didn’t believe that it could be as tough to cut as my guest was making it out to be; I was wrong though.  Even a steak knife would have had difficulty.  Easily fixable but very unfortunate in this case.

Power plate

Power plate

I certainly felt energised and very clean after my power plate ($16).  A great price for this protein packed dish too.  The smoked ocean trout was phenomenal and its flavour tones worked so well with the spinach, tomato, avocado and broccolini.  The ‘spiced chick peas’ weren’t too spicy but enjoyable nonetheless.  Harmony on a plate overall with clear-cut components that work well together.  All for a reasonable price too.

Other dishes that might entice you to drop in for a visit include the creamy porridge with yoghurt and fruit ($12)leg ham and vintage cheddar toastie ($8) and the green breakfast plate with boiled egg, avocado, dukkah, salsa verde and toast, $16).

While the coffee didn’t blow me away, I enjoyed our dishes.  The kitchen is tiny which is a pity because otherwise we could see some more elaborate ingredients finding their way onto plates.

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStarhalf

Overall Rating: 16/25

Phone:   9908 7868
Address: Shop 1, 17 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay

Payment Options: EFTPOS, credit cards, cash

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