Room 10, Potts Point – Rating: 19/25

Room 10

Room 10

We’re back in Llankelly Place and we’re eating where the locals eat (I know this because I was surrounded by people advising what I should try next).  We’re also lining up where the locals line up because on weekends that’s most likely what you will be doing if you’re after a seat at Room 10.  This hole-in-the-wall café is for those in the know.  Luckily, I know.

The tables and decor are very basic and limited but the service is on the ball.  The waitstaff have a sense of humour and bring a personal touch while I found other customers to be just as friendly.  This isn’t a spot to sit back a newspaper for extended periods but for those in need of a caffeine fix with a dish from a kitchen that knows what’s what, look no further…

Flat white

Flat white



Mecca Espresso.  Say no more?  I shouldn’t need to because I can’t recall ever having a cup of Mecca that I wasn’t impressed with.  The Dark Horse seasonal blend is used in all cups ($3.50) except when you order the seasonal single origin ($3.50).

Teacraft tea ($4) is also available as English breakfast blend, Irish breakfast blend, ceylon orange pekoe as well as many herbal varieties.  The iced coffee ($7) reads like poetry off the menu so it’s definitely on my hit list for next time.

Poached free range lemon chicken sandwich

Poached free range lemon chicken sandwich

There’s a whole slather of sandwiches (including open ones) available and I figured it was my duty to eat two of them.  These things aren’t small though!  The poached free range lemon chicken sandwich ($10) is a bargain for the price and comes with whole egg mayonnaise, toasted walnuts, celery, herbs, avocado and rocket.  The lemon is pronounced with a flavour combination that’s well thought out and served on two large (but thankfully not thick) slices of Luxe bread.  There isn’t too much of anything here.  The mayonnaise could easily have killed it but any chicken sandwich lovers will be very happy with this.

Dbl smoked ham toastie

Dbl smoked ham toastie

It was the mention of “three chesses” that drew me to also order the dbl smoked ham toastie ($10).  Also included is tomato, smashed egg, chilli jam and rocket.  The chilli jam wasn’t too sweet and there was enough of it to give the flavours a real boost.  I would have enjoyed this even more if it had been toasted slightly longer, making the cheese gooier.

Other sandwiches include the Salvatori open sandwich ($9.50) with fresh ricotta and chopped tomatoes in aged balsamic dressing (add prosciutto di parma for $3.50)Petuna cold smoked ocean trout open sandwich ($13) with creme fraiche, pickled baby fennel, dressed rocket, dill and a soft boiled egg and the Sicilian tuna sandwich ($10) with whole egg mayonnaise, fennel, boiled egg, sliced tomato, avocado, chilli and rocket.



This unusual menu item is named the Bingo ($8) and as you can see it’s a boring old slice of toasted soy and linseed… not quite!  A good slathering of peanut better with fresh banana, toasted almonds, ground cinnamon all drizzled with honey.  Wow was this heavenly.  I haven’t seen it before but I’ll go back for this for sure!

What else is on the menu?  Handcrafted organic muesli by Farmer Joe served with fresh fruit, stewed rhubarb, natural yoghurt, breakfast dukkah, honey and milk of your choice, Room 10’s brekkie rice (creamed red rice black quinoa, toasted walnuts, pepitas and sunflower seeds served with fresh fruit and stewed rhubarb, natural yogurt, breakfast dukkah and honey and breakfast pane (toastie) with smashed free range egg, hollandaise and your choice of double smoked ham ($9) or smoked ocean trout ($11).

As I said, this hole-in-the-wall café is for those in the know.  Luckily, I know.  And now, so do you.

Taste: StarStarStarStarhalf
Service: StarStarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStarhalf
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 19/25

Phone:   0425 810 174
Address: 10 Llankelly Place,Potts Point, 2011

Payment Options: Cash only

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