Weave Coffee Cup Campaign

Survival tips

Survival tips

Mental Health Awareness Month has kicked off and Sydney on Sunday’s friends at Weave are launching their “Coffee Cup Campaign” in support of the #weavesurvivaltips initiative.

It’s a campaign which acknowledges that every single person goes through tough times and that we all have unique ways of coping.  The campaign asks people to share their “tips” on what they do to survive or what their advice to others might be.

Weave have produced a number of stickers that have some selected “tips” and invited cafés to come on board and show their support by sticking them on their cups (or lids) during October to helping promote the campaign and bring awareness to mental health and wellbeing in a positive and inspiring way!

Keep an eye on SoS for some of the cafés supporting the cause!

What do you do to get through tough times?

Survival tips

Survival tips

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