COOH, North Curl Curl – Rating: 17.5/25



Close to North Curl Curl beach, in a reasonably quiet suburban road, COOH has been making a name for itself in the local area.  It was reasonably busy throughout my visit with a constant gathering of people ordering food at the counter, waiting for a table or waiting for coffees.

The tables furthest into the café are very close together so it does get quite squashed as well as very stuffy seeing as you’re so close to the kitchen.  Staff constantly try to squeeze by but overall they were all very friendly if slightly inexperienced (eg when a passionfruit rolled out of position on one of our plates, our waitress picked it up and respositioned it which is a no-no).

Large flat white

Large flat white

Flat white

Flat white

While my guest enjoyed her coffee ($4), I thought that my flat white was not only very weak but contained far too much milk.  I would consider trying the single origin double shot if I visit again but would probably stick to the milkshakes or smoothies…

Mixed berry smoothie

Mixed berry smoothie

COOH’s milkshake, smoothie and juice menu was very impressive.  My mixed berry smoothie ($7.50) had a great texture and was packed with a variety of berries.  Banana smoothies are also available as well as the green smoothie ($8) with kale, spinach, honey, banana and rice milk.

Milkshakes ($6.50) come as chocolate, caramel, strawberry or vanilla.

They excel at juices here.  You’ll be impressed by the range and fruits available so if a cool, refreshing drink it what you’re after, you won’t find better in the area.

Free range eggs with sides

Free range eggs with sides

I ordered ‘plain old’ eggs ($9) which can be prepared any way and are served with sourdough toast.  I added a whole lot of sides: bacon, avocado, tomato, sheep’s milk feta, tomato and housemade tomato relish.  COOH managed to fit it all on the plate and presented the dish very well.  All elements were prepared very well although the roasted tomatoes were slightly on the cold side.

Other sides available include sauteed kale, house baked beans ($3 each)field mushrooms, smoked salmon or haloumi ($4).  Other housemade suaces include pesto, jam or aioli ($1.50 each).



Most of the dishes at COOH are gluten free this and dairy free that.  Personally I don’t gravitate towards these types of dishes because I don’t need to for allergy or health reasons but if they’re a requirement or preference for you then the pancakes ($18) would fit the bill as they are both gluten and dairy free.  Buckwheat based, they were soft & airy and laced with fresh raspberries and coconut.  They didn’t win me over based on texture or flavour however my guest was pleased with them.  She contradicted me and liked both of these properties in the pancakes!

The coconut theme continues with dairy free coconut yoghurt on top and shaved coconut sprinkled over.  I enjoyed the coconut yoghurt which was ice cold and very light.  Between the yoghurt and pancake COOH serves good quality seasonal fresh fruit.

Other dishes on the menu include gluten and dairy free zucchini buckwheat fritters served with tomato relish, avocado, roast tomato and bacon or smoked salmon ($16)Mexican eggs (smokey house beans with jalapenos and cheese served with sour cream, avocado salsa and toasted sourdough ($16) and the rainbow brekky bowl (quinoa, red cabbage, coriander, mint, cherry tomatoes, radish, snowpea sprouts and avocado topped with a poached egg and sesame seeds ($16).

COOH definitely has the casual beach vibe going for with a casual clientele and happy go lucky staff (all positives in my book).  I enjoyed my visit but think that the dishes could definitely be improved.  In this case I think that my opinion is going to be in the minority but the choice of ‘healthy’ ingredients are taken too far as they result in dishes light on flavour compared to my usual reviews.  I’m more than happy to hear contradictory opinions!  Taking all of that into account, the ingredients were all of fantastic quality and I would certainly stop by to pick up a fresh juice or crush.

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStarhalf

Overall Rating: 17.5/25

Website: and
Address: 64 Pitt Rd, North Curl Curl, 2099
Phone:  9939 8565

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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