The Pig and Pastry, Petersham – Rating: 21.5/25

The Pig and Pastry

The Pig and Pastry

Even as I write this review of The Pig And Pastry with its excellent score, I know that I need to return soon as I haven’t done its menu justice.  Very rarely does a café impress me so much with every single food or drink item.  Five stars.  Five friggin’ stars for ‘taste’ because I found no fault with anything that I tried.

Now that the gushing is over, I can tell you that P&P was always going to be a hit.  Take the husband and wife duo of Katherine and Iain Smart, the former with five years of hospitality work under her belt and the latter with a mind-boggling 18 years of working as a chef for Michelen star establishments such as Chez Bruce and Medlar in London, and you have a dream team combination for competing within the hotly contested breakfast battleground of Sydney.

Sunny or shade, the outdoor seating offers both while a large number of tables inside ensure that if you do find yourself waiting, it won’t be for long.  My interactions with the staff were flawless as they were all extremely friendly and personable.

Flat white

Flat white



The coffee ($3.50) is provided courtesy of Deluca.  It’s now obvious to me that this brand needs to be more prominent because I could have drunk cups and cups of this gorgeous liquid.

There’s also a huge selection of tea ($4.50) by Teacraft, milkshakes ($6.50) made with P&P’s very own ice cream available as chocolate, vanilla malt, ginger bread, coffee or raspberry, a smoothie of the day (some recent flavours have been mango & strawberry, mixed berry & banana and banana & granola, $6.50)soda of the day (some recent flavours have been lavender & lemon, watermelon & mint, plum and orange & passionfruit, $4.20) and many more options.

Fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad

All of the dishes at P&P are served on plates that have been collected over the past few years.  The (let’s call it) ‘grandmother’ feeling that I felt is exactly what Katherine and Iain seem to be going for: “somewhere that felt warm and inviting to suit the corner location”.

It was obvious that a lot of care goes into the fresh fruit salad ($8) as the cut pieces of pretty much all of my favourite fruits amalgamated into fresh, wondrous flavour combinations.  The menu mentioned natural yoghurt and honey but ours arrived with fresh passionfruit and overall this was simply a fruit salad of perfection.



If you’re foolishly still reading and haven’t left to visit P&P, you’re about to become even more jealous of my visit.  My guest’s pancakes ($13) were simply unmatched in recent memory.  I cannot fault the recipe and execution of these fluffy, flavoursome creations topped simply with toasted almonds and fresh banana.  My guest added a side of bacon (because that’s mandatory, okay?) which arrived exactly how I like to see it: crispy!  Maple syrup was served in a small jug so you can add just the right amount.

Sweet corn fritters

Sweet corn fritters

You’re a persistent reader so because of that, I’ll go on to describe (yep, you guessed it) some of the best sweet corn fritters ($17.50) that I’ve ever had.  The crispy on the outside, warming on the inside fritters are complimented by a housemade avocado salsa, poached egg and crispy bacon.  I could have died happy a this stage which is why I’m so excited to revisit P&P.

Other items on the breakfast menu include eggs Benedict on toasted brioche with leg ham or smoked salmon ($15.50)breakfast pot with bricher muesli, fruit compote, yoghurt, granola and fresh fruit ($12)bacon and free range egg roll on soft bap with housemade tomato ketchup or BBQ sauce ($9) or avocado toast with crumbled feta, fresh tomato and basil ($12.50).

All baked goods including the bread is baked on site.  With your own full time pastry chef, why wouldn’t you?  The counter is constantly topped up with a variety of goods such as salted choc chip cookie, carrot cake or fruit and frangipane tart.  The oversized meringues are a crowd favourite but the housemade sourdough bread and the buns for burgers and bacon & egg rolls also keep happy customers coming back.

I, for one, will be one of those customers.

Taste: StarStarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 21.5/25

Website: and
Address: 1 Station Street, Petersham, 2049
Phone: 9568 4644

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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