Albert & Moore, Freshwater – Rating: 20.5/25

Albert & Moore

Albert & Moore

Fresh on the scene of the Northern beaches is Albert and Moore, a new venture that aims to offer fresh and healthy dishes without compromising on taste.

Freshwater is home turf for me so I was excited to review A&M.  With quality cafés being few and far between on the Northshore compared to the South side of the bridge, I was also nervous that I was about to hand out another 16 or 17 out of 25!  Friendly staff and a breezy, laid back vibe started to put me at ease though.

There is ample seating outside as well as inside so you shouldn’t have an issue finding a table.  Interestingly, the busy period  at A&M is from about 7am-9am as opposed to the 9:30am-10:30am I usually expect.  With a menu focused on healthier options and being so close to the beach, the typical A&M customer seems to be up and active earlier!

I joined some friends inside to find that cold water had already been brought to the table.  After a short wait, coffee orders were taken…




Flat white

Flat white

Our coffees were just what the doctor ordered, outstanding cups that have quickly gained a name for themselves among the locals for dine in or take away.

Tonic smoothie

Tonic smoothie

There are a few smoothies ($9) available including offerings such as acai, apple and banana, clean n green (mint, pear, apple orange, spirulina) and post workout (coconut water, berries, banana, protein powder and ice).  For the size and ingredients, the price is very reasonable.  You can add almond milk, soy milk, spirulina or protein powder to any smoothie for $1.50

My tonic smoothie contained watermelon, strawberries, low fat yoghurt, ice and ginseng.  And it was marvelous with fresh ingredients and a more powerful watermelon flavour than I was anticipating.  I’d definitely order this again knowing that I can be confident in the smoothie-making abilities of A&M.

Traditional” smoothies are also available with flavours including mango, banana, mixed berries or strawberries ($7, kids size $4.50).

Bacon and egg roll

Bacon and egg roll

Due to the fact that there were two of them ordered and savoured at our table, I can say with authority that A&M knows how to make a great bacon and egg roll ($8).  That price is also extraordinary good value for what we received!  The roll itself was soft and delicious, the crispy, quality bacon was bountiful and the eggs were cooked to just the right consistency (ie they didn’t explode everywhere when we took a bite).   The homemade relish added to the savoury bliss and the aioli was the proverbial cherry on top!  Both of my guests took the option of adding provolone cheese for $1.  Best $1 they spent all weekend.

Smoked salmon frittata stack

Smoked salmon frittata stack

The smoked salmon frittata stack ($15) is a lighter breakfast dish with fresh ingredients and a cacophony of flavours that work together very well.  It’s paleo compatible too as are a few of the other dishes.

At the base you’ll find avocado, rocket and cherry tomatoes with smoked salmon above.  My guest enjoyed the frittata but felt that something acid such as pomegranate or balsamic would have been great to cut through the richness. She also ordered a sweet potato rosti ($3) on the side which she couldn’t stop raving about.

Smashed avocado with sides

Smashed avocado with sides

My smashed avocado ($10) was an outstanding dish.  I added bacon ($3.50) and poached eggs ($4) to add some extra substance and there were certainly decent amounts of each.  Each slice of sourdough was served with seasoned smashed avocado topped with low fat ricotta, roast tomatoes and basil oil.  There seemed to be the perfect amount of every ingredient.  It was almost as though even the number of slices of Spanish onion had been precisely measured; there wasn’t too much or too little.  Kudos on an excellently executed dish.

There are a few other items I on Albert & Moore’s menu that I will definitely be returning for.  The steak, egg & caramelised onion roll ($13) sounds like a great way to start the morning as do the baked eggs (with tomato, baby spinach, mushrooms & herbs served with sourdough or grain toast, $13).

It was exhilarating to find another excellent café on the Northshore and it’s one that I look forward to revisiting a number of times.  I’m keen to see some items appearing on a breakfast specials menu but there’s plenty of time for that as I have a feeling that Albert & Moore will be around for a while!  They have some delicious looking dinner meals too if that tickles your fancy…

Taste: StarStarStarStarStarhalf
Service: StarStarStarStarhalf
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStarStarhalf

Overall Rating: 20.5/25

Website: and
Phone:  9939 8898
Address: 2D/2 Moore Road, Freshwater, 2096

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

3 responses to “Albert & Moore, Freshwater – Rating: 20.5/25

  1. Looks rustic and wonderful- and the food looks to DIE for 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us- always inspiring our stomachs to say the least

  2. WOW. went this morning based on the recommendation. Unfortunately, we did not receive the same experience. Service was no issue. However, the food was terrible. My wife’s smoked salmon stack came with missing elements and heavily over salted. My ‘eggs your way’ dish was beige at best. The whole thing was very dry. The toast was butter less and was like chewing on over cooked steak. Also, the dish lacked a chutney or sauce and I really feel I that the dish belonged in a cheap East London cafe. Coffee was burnt and bitter. On a positive note. Staff are friendly and position is great.

    • How disappointing for you. I’ll pass your feedback on to them. As an alternative in the area, have a look at Splat. I’ve been there a few times and it has never disappointed!

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