Tastebuds, Terrey Hills – Rating: 13.5/25




This large premises on Mona Vale is shared by various other stores but Tastebuds is the café that I was interested in today.  The outdoor seating flows inside seamlessly thanks to the open plan and large covered dining area.  Both the breakfast and lunch menus are available all day which is certainly a great start!

You’ll find a wide variety of dishes across those two menus which would please everyone (vegetarians, the hungry, the not-so-hungry as well as children).

Ordering and payment is conducted at the counter and your food will be brought out to you.  The service was fine this morning – I have minimal complaints but having said that, it was nothing extraordinary.



Flat white

Flat white

Note that the green in the above photos is due to the reflection from the sign overhead!  Our coffees ($3.50) this morning tasted good but were definitely too milky.  Based on our samples, I would try them again but I have definitely had better.

Flavoured syrups can be added (vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, butterscotch and irish cream, 50c) or you can lash our on an affogatto (sic, $5).

T2 teas ($3.30) are available from a large selection of flavours.

Baked eggs

Baked eggs

The baked eggs ($15.50) are available in three different versions: sauteed mushrooms and roasted baby tomatoes, ricotta, baby spinach and sundried tomatoes or chorizo sausage, Spanish onions, baby spinach and roasted tomatoes.

My guest tried the chorizo skillet which she enjoyed.  While there is no sauce like we were expecting, the flavours of the various ingredients are still bound together due to the cooking process.  There was slightly too much spinach for my taste and I would have liked the entire dish to have been cooked less but my dining partner had no quibbles!  Some toast is served on the side which looked as though it had been sliced too thick but the softness counteracted this and it was delicious when eaten with the baked items.

Tastebuds BLAT

Tastebuds BLAT

Not only does Tastebuds serve one of my favourite dishes, the BLAT ($12) but they also allow you to add egg ($3).  The BLEAT is served in a club sandwich style with an extra slice of bread in the middle.  The bread was lightly toasted, the tomato and avocado were fresh and the bacon was bountiful.  The egg once again was overcooked but I was happy with the melody of flavours in this sandwich.  Add a side of chips or salad for $2.50.

French toast

French toast

Our French toast ($12.50) was quite small for the price and while I wish that I could report positively on this dish, it was very disappointing.  The bread had been cooked at too high a temperature so even though the outside was cooked, the inside remained soggy.  Maybe this was a one-off but based on my experience, I wouldn’t order the French toast again.  You have the choice of berry compote or maple syrup for the price or you can get both for a total of $14.50.

Other items on the breakfast menu include Sonoma honey spiced muesli with greek yoghurt and seasonal fruit ($10)bacon & egg roll or wrap with tasty cheese, baby spinach and barbeque (sic) sauce ($9.50) and eggs, your choice of scrambled, poached or fried with sour dough bread ($9.50) and from the all day menu: zucchini and sweet corn fritter with creme fraiche, eye bacon, avocado and tomato salsa ($14)Tastebuds burger (moist rosemary patty, tasty cheese, hummus, caramelised onions & oven dried tomatoes on a toasted bun ($9.50) and veggie wrap (chargrilled eggplant, pumpkin, ricotta, spinach, aioli, sundried tomato & avocado, $9.50).

Tastebuds had been recommended to me by a few sources so I was more than a little surprised by my experience.  I’m happy to hear feedback on my findings though, as usual!  Comment on or Facebook.

Taste: StarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStar
Value: StarStar

Overall Rating: 13.5/25

Phone: 9450 0873
Address: 143 287 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills, 2084
Payment Options: EFTPOS, credit cards, cash

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