Grill’d Launch – Low Carb SuperBun


Grill'd - Healthy Burgers

Grill’d – Healthy Burgers

I often say to people that if I wasn’t reviewing breakfast cafés, I would be reviewing burgers!  I hold a very high regard for the Grill’d restaurants as their food is delicious and of superb quality.  So when I was invited to a launch of their brand new product, I was always going to be there with bells on!

Simon Crowe presenting

Simon Crowe presenting

Simon Crowe (Simon Says burger, anyone?), Grill’d founder, was on hand to announce the new addition to the menu and it was a pleasure to meet the man who ten years ago turned the concept of the burger being a fast food item, on its head.  What he spoke about as well (which Grill’d doesn’t mention too often) is how green, hormone free, eco-friendly and free range so many of their ingredients are.  Something that they should definitely be proud of.

Their new addition is certainly going to be well received by anyone who is celiac, dairy intolerant, on the paleo diet or worried about some of the ingredients in the more common burger bun.

The place-setting including charity donation

The place-setting including charity donation

What was I there to try?  Well as of 23rd of October, Grill’d will be selling their new Low Carb SuperBun!  With this new offering, all of Grill’d’s burgers have less than 10% carbohydrates per 100g (which betters a sushi roll in the carbs arena).  Finally, a way for anyone who for one reason or another, orders their ‘burgers’ bunless, to enjoy the real thing!  I was invited to try any Grill’d burger with the SuperBun and I went with my standard…

Summer Sunset burger with the SuperBun

Summer Sunset burger with the SuperBun

The Summer Sunset with extra patty, cheese and dill pickle.  This monster burger is certainly one of my favourites around town!  The SuperBun, as you can see, makes the size slightly more manageable when compared to a normal bun.  My monstrosity was a bit too much to handle but I was sitting across from someone who deftly managed to keep his burger intact throughout.

The SuperBun allowed the main flavours of the burger’s ingredients to shine through but its properties mean that this gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free bun can be enjoyed by all.

So what goes into it?  Free range eggs, almond meal, organic coconut cream, water, tapioca flour, raw honey, psyllium husk and salt.  After countless iterations and attempts at perfecting the recipe and finally settling on one that works, you can expect to find the SuperBun in store from today!

Sweet potato chips, zucchini chips and Our Famous Grill'd Chips

Sweet potato chips, zucchini chips and Our Famous Grill’d Chips

Also new on the Grill’d menu are three new burgers as of last week: Chilli Addict (beef patty, jalepeńos, roasted peppers, sour cream, tasty cheese, mesculin, Spanish onion and chilli relish, $13.50)Hot Chica (as above but with chicken, $13.50) and Friends of Falafel (falafel pattie, pumpkin tzatziki, lemon, slaw and hummus, $11.50) as well as their new zucchini and sweet potato chips.

A huge thank you and congratulations to Simon Crowe and the Grill’d team for their invitation, hard work and success!  Now go get your SuperBun burger!

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