Gypsy Espresso, Potts Point – Rating: 17.5/25

Gypsy Espresso

Gypsy Espresso

Gypsy Espresso is just above ‘hole in the wall’ size but smaller than most cafés that I visit.  While their address states Macleay Street, they are actually situated around the corner in Manning Street.

Space inside is quite limited with seating for maybe 14 people (and that would involve some table sharing).  The kitchen is tiny which explains a lot of the pre-prepared dishes and a variety of sandwiches.  The aroma from the ground coffee when we walked in was fantastic though so coffee drinkers will rejoice…

Large latte

Large latte

Flat white

Flat white

So our Gypsy Espresso brand coffee was outstanding this morning (if not the best part of it, it was that good).  Rich and dark, I was highly impressed.  I can only imagine the queues on weekdays!

Other drinks available are freshly squeezed orange or apple juice ($5)milkshakes ($5)vaniall bean or belgian chocolate and espresso shot ($9)Gypsy ice coffe ($5) as well as Egyptian mint iced tea ($5) and Tea Craft teas ($4).

Salmon brioche and poached egg

Salmon brioche and poached egg

Quite a few of the dishes both on the menu and the specials board consist of sandwiches or rolls.  This is fine however I was slightly disappointed when I saw that they are premade.  I kept my hopes up though because I’ve enjoyed some delicious premade sandwiches in past reviews.  The salmon brioche and poached egg ($10) tasted good overall and my guest enjoyed it.  I’ll let her take over as a guest reviewer: “a disappointing egg centre but made up for by good texture of salmon and piquancy of sauce”.

The bread component of the dish was more reminiscent of a regular soft roll than a brioche.  I say this because there seemed to be far too little butter in the mixture.  The biggest disappointment though was that the poached egg was way too cooked through and the yolk was hard.

I’m critiquing this as a sit-down breakfast thought, similar to to my other reviews.  If I was looking for a quick meal on the run, I would be far less critical and happily devour this roll!  Great price too.

Scrambled eggs and sourdough toast with sides

Scrambled eggs and sourdough toast with sides

The specials board also contained scrambled eggs and sourdough on toast ($10) which is literally exactly what it says.  I spiced things up by adding sides of bacon, tomato, avocado and goats cheese (all $3.50 each).  There was very little to complain about here.  The scrambled eggs had a great consistency, the avocado and tomato were both fresh and goats cheese was creamy as I expected.

Cinnamon scroll

Cinnamon scroll

There counter contains a few sweet treats such as muffins, date slices and cinnamon scrolls, the latter of which I ordered as soon as it was mentioned.

Less a dusting and more a mountain of caster sugar is served on top!  I removed a lot of this and the scroll below was soft and moist.  While it didn’t blow me away, it was a sufficient conclusion to the meal.

Other dishes available on the breakfast menu include housemade organic muesli, orange blossom & rhubarb compote with yoghurt ($10)coconut sago, banana, brown sugar & mint syrup with black sesame ($10)bacon & poached egg panini with hickory sauce ($8) and roast mushroom, braised leek and provolone toastie ($9).

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 17.5/25

Website: and
Phone:  8356 9264
Address: 6/81 Macleay Street, Potts Point, 2011

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

One response to “Gypsy Espresso, Potts Point – Rating: 17.5/25

  1. Horrible service. A large coffee is $4.50(!!) and when I made the mistake of looking surprised at this, the waitress berated me and effectively said that if I was too poor to pay $4.50 I shouldn’t be there! She THEN implied that I was angling for a free coffee! I wanted to complain to the manager about her but – she IS the manager. Instead I’ll just never go back. Clever management choice seeing as I live in the same building as the coffee shop!

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