Good Food & Wine Show 2014 – Best Of



Last week I had the opportunity to  enjoy everything that the Good Food & Wine Show had to offer.  Thanks to DeLonghi I ate cheese, drank wine and sampled to my heart’s content.

DeLonghi Range

DeLonghi Range

With DeLonghi’s full breakfast and coffee range on hand to view and try out, this was an amazing opportunity to see just how simple and enjoyable it can be to get your morning cup exactly the way you like it.

While I tried such a massive range of delicacies, there was a handful of foods, wine and products that stood out.  This is simply my recognition of the accomplishments of some of the companies that I came across.  I have only included those that I really thought were outstanding.  Is this free publicity for them?  Sure but in my opinion, they are more than deserving.

Beak & Sons Originals

Beak & Sons Originals

Beak & Sons

Beak & Sons was on hand offering tastings of their sausages and patties.  Bursting with flavour and 92% beef, The Original sausages were superbly seasoned and would turn any roll or BBQ into a gourmet feast.

Fermoy Estate

Perhaps it was the sheer multitude of wineries purveying their wares or perhaps it was the fact that I sipped way too much of what they had to offer…  Either way I was blown away by how many wines were available to try.  My pick of the lot was Fermoy Estate from the Margaret River, especially their Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

Agapé Organic Truck

Agapé Organic Truck

Agapé Organic Food Truck

Berkshire bacon pizzas, pulled pork tacos, wayu beef ampanadas, kingfish ceviche… this truck is a rolling culinary masterpiece so if you can find it, pull over and enjoy!
The Android or iOS apps will help you locate it:

Roza’s Gourmet Sauces

By a long way, my pick of the show was Roza’s Gourmet Sauces.  I dare you to visit their page and not be tempted to fill your trolley with every sauce, mayonnaise, dip and chutney that this extraordinary mother and daughter success story has on offer.  While Roza has passed away, her daughter continues an incredible legacy.  What began as roadside sales has turned into a nationwide success and I have since sought out my local store that stocks these sauces to get my fix!





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