Wilbur’s Place, Potts Point – Rating: 20/25

Wilbur's Place

Wilbur’s Place

As the bleary eyed cretins from the night before slink their way out of Potts Point, those in search of coffee and breakfast emerge.  It is a Saturday of all things and SoS is out to review this spot that is unfortunately closed on Sundays!
Hidden in the pedestrian-only laneways you’ll find Wilbur’s Place.  This is one of those establishments whose reputation precedes it.  I have received recommendation after recommendation and was quite surprised upon arrival by how understated and small WP’s footprint is.
Seating is limited and highly sought-after.  Perhaps because the aromas of coffee, bacon and mushrooms penetrate the air, calling to those who pass.
The counter is deep enough for those of the same party to sit opposite one another so that’s what we do alongside other couples.


Flat white

Flat white

Wow!  The Single Origin coffee (regular $3.50, large $4) packs a hit.  They brew it strong here so the meek need not apply.
Organic tea by Ovvio ($4) is also available in flavours such as English breakfast, Sencha green or vanilla mint sky (peppermint and vanilla).
Banana, soy and honey smoothie

Banana, soy and honey smoothie

I’m going to be honest and say that if I had read the menu properly and seen that this was a soy smoothie, I wouldn’t have ordered it.  I have tried soy on numerous occasions and it has never appealed but this banana, soy and honey smoothie ($6.50) was one of the best smoothies I have ever had.  The texture was perfect and the vanilla, banana and honey blend was amazing.
With beverages like this I can only imagine that the Belgium iced chocolate ($7) is also a winner…
Fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice ($4).  Bargain price, refreshing juice with nothing added.  Enough said.
Toasted sourdough, roast tomato, avocado & goats curd

Toasted sourdough, roast tomato, avocado & goats curd

Meal selection was tough.  The menu has so much to offer!  My guest ordered the toasted sourdough, roast tomato, avocado and goats curd ($14) but after seeing our neighbour’s crispy bacon, added this to the dish as well.  Stunningly presented, the delicacies are served on excellent, crunchy sourdough toast.  So simply yet every ingredient prepared with care.  The roasted tomatoes seasoned well, fresh avocado and to-die-for goats curd.  The bacon was bountiful and crispy as requested.
Suckling pig roll

Suckling pig roll

Seeing the suckling pig roll ($12). pretty much stopped me in my tracks.  I didn’t need to peruse anymore!  The panini was soft and fluffy below the crust, the pork was moist, absolutely fell apart and there was enough of it.  The dill sauce was not overdone as the juices from the pork are plentiful!  The proverbial cherry on top was a perfect rectangle of crunchy crackling, salty and delicious.
What were the other dishes I was referring to that sounded so good?  Fresh Bourke Street Bakery fruit Danish ($4), muesli with yoghurt, honey, berries and banana ($11), Croque monsieur/madame (which a neighbouring French couple said was as good as examples they were used to, $11/$13), French toast with roasted figs, honeycomb and ricotta ($16) or mushrooms on toast with poached eggs and Serrano ham ($18).  The big breakfast equivalent is Wilbur’s Famous Greasy Spoon ($20).  For those who are hungry, this would be the way to go.
Wilbur’s Place is open throughout the day and receive great acclaim for their dinners too.  I can only recommend you seek out this gem.  Great prices, friendly & ‘always there’ staff and a menu that encourages you to return to explore it.

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 20/25

Website: and
Phone: 9332 2999
Address: 36 Llankelly Place, Potts Point, 2010

Payment Options: Credit cards, EFTPOS, cash

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