The Australian Coffee Guide – now on sale

Co-authors Izaac Trpeski and Megan Rullis have completed their daunting yet enviable challenge to travel Australia-wide in search of the best coffee and cafés that our country has to offer.

Presented by Trepeza Fine Food, The Australian Coffee Guide Top 100 – 2013 is a 60 page, pocket-sized book which highlights their favourite establishments to find the best cups of coffee and delicious food.  You’ll find a lot of information about the Guide on its very own Facebook page.

There are more pages devoted to NSW but all states are mentioned and any SoS reader will notice a few familiar names as they flip through.  It’s a great companion to take on your travels so you will always know where to find a tasty hot beverage!  Each entry features a brief description of the café (often including the brand of coffee used) and contact details.

Not bad for the measly price of $8 and $2 postage.  You can purchase the Guide online.

While Sydney on Sunday did not contribute to The Australian Coffee Guide, I’m sure my like-minded readers will value its contents!

The Australian Coffee Guide Top 100 - 2013

The Australian Coffee Guide Top 100 – 2013

The Trepeza site
Trepeza on Facebook

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