Botanica Garden Café, Waverton – Rating: 22/25

Botanica Garden Café

What used to be a nursery opposite Waverton train station is now an incredibly relaxing, open plan café that took me completely by surprise.  As you walk in, you are greeted by the superb and funky colourful mural on the right and a mischievous-looking gnome with a “welcome” sign in the garden.
Sit where you please: outside, undercover on the stools or on comfortable sofas with coffee tables – I liked this place already!  There’s a sign instructing patrons to order from the counter but if the staff are free, they will take your order at your table.  Throughout our visit, there were always waitstaff nearby.  They were efficient and very friendly.
Navy crew in uniform also receive a 10% discount!

Skim cappuccino

Outstanding coffee!  Every variety you can think of including affogato ($4.50) and chai latte ($3.80).  The ‘normal’ variety will cost you $3.50 for the regular or $4 for the large.

Summer Haze freshly squeezed juice

Freshly squeezed juice ($6.50) is on offer and can be mixed how you like it however there are a few suggestions on the menu such as the Maui Wowie (pineapple, young coconut, ginger and mint) or the Incr-Edible Hulk (apple, celery and vanilla).  I opted for the Summar Haze which was one of the best combinations I have had in recent times.  Watermelon, pineapple, lychee and jackfruit is a combination I wouldn’t have been creative enough to concoct but it was amazing.

Mr E. Benedict

Whenever I see eggs Benedict on a menu, I find it hard to resist.  Botanica’s Mr E. Benedict ($14) does justice to a classic dish,  Served on a slice of tasty toasted sourdough was wilted spinach, a decent amount of thick cut smoked ham and two poached eggs.  To be honest I could not find a distinguishing flavour between this lemon myrtle hollandaise sauce and some of the others I have sampled.  Any difference was very slight.  What I can say is that everything was executed beautifully and despite appearances, it was definitely filling enough.

Ape Crêpe

The Ape Crêpe ($9.50) is filled with freshly sliced banana and Nutella.  My guest chose to cut out the Nutella.  She couldn’t have been happier with her order – the banana had caramelised slightly inside and the entire dish tasted fantastic.  Crème fraîche on top and a sprinkle of roasted orange zest and pistachio make this a unique dish that I can definitely recommend.
It was hard not to notice the many B’s signature sandwiches (chargrilled Scotch fillet, Swiss cheese, beetroot relish, house made pickles, Dijon aioli and housemade slaw, $17) that were ordered by most other patrons around us.  I’ll be sure to try one next time as they looked delicious.
Other breakfast items include Salmon delite (scrambled eggs on brioche bun topped with smoked salmon, sour cream and chives, $16)meat eaters (eggs any way, chorizo, smoked ham, housebaked beans, tomato and mushroom, $17) and More than muesli (housemade Bircher muesli served with biodynamic yoghurt, cinnamon poached pear and topped with crushed pistachio, $10).
Finally a breakfast café on the North shore that shows as much flair and flavour as the dynamic South.  I suggest that you make Botanica your next must-visit breakfast spot.

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 22/25

Phone: 9699 8828
Address: 61a Bay Road, Waverton, 2060

Payment Options: Credit Card, EFTPOS, cash

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