Fish & Co., Annandale – Rating: 16/25

Fish & Co.

For such an award winning café, Fish & Co. (The Sustainable Seafood Café) was very quiet throughout our visit.  With restaurant and food awards from Channel 7, 2UE, SBS and more, they obviously know their seafood but what about their breakfast?  The wait at Gallery Café next door was too long so we decided to find out.
The decision to review was a last minute one and being so desperate for our caffeine we didn’t take any photos of our coffees ($3.20-$3.70).  The menu has all of the desirables though: almost all juices (small $4.95, large $7.50)smoothies (banana, mango or mixed berry blended with ice cream, milk, honey and ice, small $5.50, large $7.95) and milkshakes (vanilla or chocolate, small $4.95, large $6.95).

Organic corn fritters

The organic corn fritters ($14.95) with crispy bacon and housemade tomato sauce were moist and delicious.  It was a simple and fresh breakfast, no fish in sight as yet.


The Ultimate BLT ($12.50) with grilled bacon, roast tomatoes, wild rocket and a spicy tomato & onion relish was good value and very filling.  The highlight was the onion relish which added much needed flavour to an otherwise plain dish.  We looked under the eggs but once again there was no fish in the mix.

Organic eggs with sides

Dane had an unusual craving for fried eggs today.  So the organic eggs any style with Brasserie bread toast ($9.50) was the only way to go!  Sides thrown in were avocado ($3.95), free range bacon and spicy chorizo ($4.95 each).  The yolks retained a slight amount of ooziness and the avo was nice and ripe.  The chorizo could have been slightly spicier but overall this was elegantly presented with minimal oil and grease which can so often plague a fried egg and bacon plate.
We think their name- Fish & Co. (The Sustainable Seafood Café) deters a lot of people from choosing it as a breakfast location.  Unfortunately it means the atmosphere is quite dull and the place is close to empty.  Perhaps they need to put on a few upbeat tunes, offer weekend specials and show the locals they’re not only about fish.  Or even add something fishy to the menu like the delicious sardines on toast we had at Cornersmith in Marickville.
There is plenty to do in Annandale on a lazy Sunday.  There are lots of cute shops to check out including Terrific Scientific.  If you’re feeling more energetic head to Bicentennial Park down the road where you can take a stroll around the bay or watch adventurous dogs fetch balls from the water (highly recommended)!

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 16/25

Website: and
Phone: 9660 5575
Address: 41 Booth Street, Annandale, 2038

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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