bescetti, Cammeray – Rating: 19/25


The battle of the Cammeray laneway continues!  A few weeks ago we reviewed The Laneway Café and now it’s bescetti’s turn.  Despite the former café being bathed in sunlight, we were determined to review somewhere new.  This was all for you, SoS readers!
Despite being fairly busy, the waitstaff make you feel like the centre of their attention.  They’re obviously a close-knit group and very personable.  Water was immediate and there was always someone to ensure our requirements were met.
Breakfast is all day.  Which is interesting considering bescetti serves dinner too… I wonder what looks I would get if I ordered bacon and eggs for dinner?  On weekdays, breakfast is served until midday.


Flat white

The coffee (regular $3, large $3.50) was fast and hot.  It also helped that it tasted great.  I can see why this is such a popular caffeine spot.
Milkshakes ($6)iced coffee or chocolate ($6)carbonated blood orange, ginger beer or lemon, lime & bitters ($4) and teas ($4) round off the drinks.  There was also a display on each table announcing juices, frappes or smoothies ($6 each) with a variety of “pure frozen fruit” including mango, strawberry, passionfruit, guava, mixed berry or lime & mint.  Personally I’d stick to fresh fruit in my drinks.

French toast

But this late in the morning we were hungry so roll out the breakfast!  Let’s start with French toast ($12.50) with a twist.  Made with raisin toast which was unexpected but very tasty, this comes with bacon and maple syrup.  You can swap the bacon for fruit but we decided to be greedy and add banana.  The bacon was prepared well and ranged from cooked to crisp.  The toast itself was spongy and delicious.

Bacon and egg panini

The bacon and egg panini ($8.50) is a reasonably priced, quick breakfast which looked and tasted delightful with its golden yolk and crisp bacon.  The roll was lightly toasted with a very soft interior.  Nothing groundbreaking here but definitely nothing to fault.

Mushroom and swiss cheese “omlette”

Two omlettes [sic] are available: the smoked salmon and chive ($14.50) or our mushroom and Swiss cheese ($12.50).  Kim was disappointed with the (small) amount of cheese however she enjoyed the omelette despite this.  Next time, we would ask them to layer on another handful!  Some dressing on the greens would have been nice too.

Corn fritter

Luckily I chose well again.  The best meal at the table was my corn fritter ($14.50) stack which was presented well and tasted great from top to bottom.  Very crisp bacon (which for some reason tasted better than other bacon we have recently eaten), two layers of corn fritters with a decent amount of corn and a tomato, avocado & herb mashup above.  There was enough of a twist on this common dish to make it decidedly unique at bescetti and what’s more, they pulled it off.  Great balsamic reduction too.

Also available are ricotta pancakes with homemade fruit compote ($13.50)warm porridge with stewed apple and warm milk ($10.50)eggs Benedict ($13.50) or eggs Atlantico (they got the names right!) ($14.50) and a big variety of sides including homemade ricotta ($3)spinach ($3) and chorizo ($4).

Bescetti certainly impressed and we would have no qualms returning.  If only they benefited from more mid day sun!

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 19/25

Website: and
Phone: 9955 0550
Address: 457 Miller Street  Cammeray, 2062

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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