The Fern, Redfern – Rating: 21.5/25 (re-review)

The Fern

Note: Most recent review here
We previously reviewed The Fern almost a year ago.  The café hardly put a foot wrong resulting in a very high rating.  I returned again today solely to enjoy Fern’s Benedict.  Sadly this time it was missing as The Fern has updated their menu.
The menus are now housed inside record covers so don’t be surprised when you take a seat and it looks like they are placing some vinyls infront of you!  Some of the old dishes remain but overall there has been a nice update which we’ll get to later.
The Fern is open for breakfast through to a late brunch and then reopens in the evening for dinner and cocktails. The evening menus which you can see on The Fern’s website have a decidedly South American and Southern North American flavour with the likes of sliders, empanadas and ceviche.
Everything feels very casual and calm here.  The staff are friendly, the courtyard & interior are both clean & comfortable and the snacks & cocktails menus in the evening look perfect to relax with (we intend to find out for sure soon!)
On with the breakfast though…

Skim cappuccino

The Gravity coffee was superb and one of the best coffees we have had in recent memory.  Our skim cappuccino ($3.50) had been expertly prepared and tasted exquisite.

Banana and honey smoothie

Two smoothies ($8) are available.  I ordered the banana & honey which tasted gorgeous.  The right consistency and plenty of banana with a hint of honey.  As I saw the neighbouring table being delivered a mixed berry smoothie though I became very jealous and asked for some strawberries to be added.  Not only did the staff oblige but my 1/4 drunk smoothie was returned topped up, with fresh blended strawberries and no extra charge on the bill!

Hangover Cure 2

We went back to look at our shots of the menu from our last visit but could not see the first version of this dish.  The hangover cure 2 ($17) is obviously highly reliant on The Fern’s proven track record of pork expertise.  Well-seasoned and crispy hash browns serve as the base of this dish.  This is covered with mixed greens including rocket, fresh tomato and a green onion mayonnaise.  Thick, succulent smoked speck above this as well as bacon and two poached eggs.  Neither my guest who ordered this dish nor myself could find anything to fault.  Well presented, perfectly poached eggs and a fantastic mayonnaise to bring it all together.

Corn fritter

With Fern’s Benedict MIA, what was I to order?  Being a pulled pork addict, I had surprisingly completely forgotten that a friend had ordered the corn fritter ($18) last time.  Although simply naming this dish “corn fritter” hardly does it justice.  “Mmm”s and “oh my God”s were frequent as I relished the breakfast.
The corn fritter at the base actually has more egg throughout than I expected which not only gives it more substance but allows it to stand out from the crowd of other corn fritters available at cafés.
The pulled pork itself is not only plentiful but smoky, slightly spicy, immensely tender and simply delicious.  The guacamole is fresh with a nice bite of lemon.  The goat’s cheese proves that it can work well with any dish and added great texture and flavour.  Again, I am without any words of negativity.
While our dishes cost slightly more than our average weekly spend (of about $20 per person whereas this meal was $23), with food of this quality I have no complaints and would gladly pay more.  Knowing how much work can go into the preparation of pulled pork as well as some of the other dishes on the menu and the amazing all-round experience we had, I applaud The Fern once again for an amazing breakfast.
What else can we find on the menu?  Eggs “your way” ($8) with toast can be ordered with sides (smoked pork belly, bacon, pulled pork ($3.50 each), avocado, beans ($2.50 each) or smoked salmon ($4.50))The Fern salad (peach, tomato, toasted walnuts, Spanish onion and goats cheese, $13)The Pocket (see previous review, $16) and pancakes (with banana and coconut yoghurt, $17).  Is your mouth watering yet?
Visit the website for the full menu but we can only recommend you make tracks to The Fern now!
Taste: StarStarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 21.5/25

Website: and
Phone: 8399 0070
Address: 4 Pitt Street, Redfern, 2016

Payment Options: Credit card (2% surcharge for AMEX), EFTPOS, cash

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