Beach Café Warriewood SLSC, Warriewood – Rating: 16/25

Beach Café Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club

Beach Café at the Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club sits directly on Warriewood Beach with amazing sights and sounds of the surrounding activities.  The café is somewhere between a beach kiosk and a typical Sydney café.
On the weekends it is always buzzing especially as crowds of cyclists refuel in the middle of a training session.  We had a table sorted fairly quickly although we suggest calling ahead to book one.
Orders and payment is organised at the counter.  Only cash is accepted although we were given the gracious offer of eating then leaving a belonging of ours while we went up the road to get some cash.
The atmosphere can get slightly hectic as nippers, dogs, cyclists lifeguards and large families come and go frequently but as we sat facing the rolling waves, all our worries melted away.

Orange juice

The orange juice is freshly squeezed and served ice cold so no complaints here!

Mixed berry smoothie

 Smoothies available are mixed berry and banana.  My mixed berry smoothie was too milky and could definitely have done with some thickening be it with yoghurt or ice cream.  The berry flavour (mainly strawberry) was great though.

Long black

Skim cappuccino

Campos is the bean of choice at Beach Café and our coffees combined with the view were superb.

Hugo’s omelette

Hugo’s omelette ($10.50) is a nice sized serving for the price.  Thanks to the thinness and plenty of other ingredients, the amount of egg isn’t as overwhelming as other omelettes we have tried.  Mixed within we found ham, cheese, tomato and mushroom.  Chives throughout and rocket on top freshen the flavours and overall we enjoyed the dish.

French toast with berries

 Berry overload this morning as I combined my berry smoothie with French toast with berries ($11.50).  The white bread had been well-soaked which is always a good sign.  Ricotta was served on top and there was enough for the whole dish.  The berries were slightly too soft as they were not fresh but with the maple syrup on the side the flavours worked well.

Home baked muffin

 Home baked muffins ($4.50) change weekly and this time it was the turn of the raspberry variety.  This was an excellent muffin if I do say so.  Soft and loaded with berries, we would return for these!

Beach Café Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club

We did find the service to be a bit erratic with some near-drops and plates being plopped down on the table, sometimes infront of the wrong person.  However Beach Café is a friendly and perfectly situated establishment which is punching above it’s weight and landing some blows.
Next time we intend to try the bacon and eggs special (served with herbed tomato salsa, aioli, rocket and Turkish bread, $12.50), croque monsieur/madame ($6/8.50)pancakes (with maple syrup/ice cream & berries/ice cream and chocolate or caramel sauce/bacon, egg and maple syrup, $9.50/$12.50/$11.50/$15.50) or the beef or chicken burger ($15.50).
Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 16/25

Phone: 0403 254 966
Address: Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club, down the beach road opposite 110 Narrabeen Park Parade, Warriewood, 2102

Payment Options: Cash only

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