The Wolf and Honeybee, Newtown – Rating: 17/25

The Wolf & Honeybee

The Wolf & Honeybee is a newcomer to the Sydney café scene.  They have retained the previous “milk bar” signage but have transformed the interior into a clean dining area with a retro influence.  They are currently seeking artists’ submissions for their walls so if you’re looking for a space to hang and sell your works, contact them.
The menu is limited and only cash is accepted however on the plus side this is not only a Campos coffee establishment but they also serve baked goods from Brasserie Bread.

Skim cappuccino

And thankfully the coffee (regular $3.50, large $4) did impress.   It was served quickly and with a smile.  Cold drip coffee (regular $3.50, large $4) is also available.

Hot chocolate

My hot chocolate (regular $3.50, large $4) looked like a work of art and tasted as good.  It was smooth, hot and had the right amount of chocolate.
Their tea of choice is  Tea Craft tea ($4).

Toast with avocado and lemon

Toast ($4.50) is available as sourdough, quinoa & soy sourdough or schiaccata (Turkish) with spreads.  Your other options are to add avocado and lemon as we did or goats cheese and tomato (for a total of $7.50 for each dish).  As with most items on the menu, this is a simple meal but the ingredients do all the talking.  Perfectly ripe avocado, faultless Brasserie Bread toast and olive oil on the side won us over.  We added plenty of salt and pepper too and this tasted delicious.

Smashed egg roll

 The smashed egg roll ($6.50) can be ordered lightly toasted (as I requested).  The sandwich is made up of egg, rocket and fresh tomato.  A lot of the flavour came from the bread but we think the dish could be improved by adding something to bring the flavours together such as a herbed mayonnaise.

Spelt banana bread

The banana bread ($4.50) can also be ordered with ricotta and honey (extra $2) which we would recommend.  The bread was lightly toasted, moist and full of flavour.  The ricotta and honey are a perfect match.
Currently the sandwiches available include chicken, avocado, aioli, Spanish onion & rocketrare roast beef, cheese, tomato & mustard pickles and pesto, rocket, tomato and provolone ($9.50 each).  These all sound very tasty and if they’re made and presented with the care our dishes were shown, we’d love to try them.
For such a young café, we expect some menu changes and more artists to jump on board so keep an eye on The Wolf and Honeybee’s Facebook page.
Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 17/25

Website: and
Phone: 0408 714 949
Address: 206 Edgeware Road, Newtown, 2042

Payment Options: Cash only

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