Three Blue Ducks, Bronte – Rating: 19.5/25

Three Blue Ducks

One of the three men responsible for Three Blue Ducks also opened Morso, one of our top-reviewed cafés (see herehere and here) and home to my favourite dish of any Sydney establishment.  With their well-composed meals, welcoming smiles and long queues of patrons, the trio is on their way to becoming a raging success with TBD and I’m looking forward to many return-visits.

Alley seating

Despite the three separate dining areas and tables outside, we needed to add our name to the list for a table.  It wasn’t long before our name was called however and we were fortunate enough to be seated next to the kitchen.

Kitchen whirlwind

What a sight to behold this was!  Easily one of the busiest kitchens we have witnessed in action yet they are by no means understaffed nor lacking in skills.  The food is simply in high demand.  We counted nine bodies in there at one stage!

Berry smoothie and "the 378" fresh juice

A single menu combines beverages, breakfast and lunch.  Fresh juices and smoothies lead the charge and it wouldn’t be SoS unless a berry smoothie was ordered!  When it comes to milkshakes and smoothies ($6), berry, vanilla and chocolate are available.  The berry smoothie could benefit from a stronger flavour hit of its namesake as there was too much banana and not enough fresh berries.

There is a large selection of fresh juices ($6) and we tried the 378 (pear, apple, pineapple and mint).  This was a perfect blend and nicely chilled.  All of the drinks are served in coloured glasses which brighten the mood and match the lively decor.

The coffee ($4) couldn’t be faulted.  The line outside was a testament to the strong flavour and quality of the cups here.

Poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise and ocean trout

Thick slices of delicate ocean trout are the metaphorical ‘icing on the cake’ of this dish.  The poached eggs, spinach and ocean trout ($19) is also blessed by a side of one of the best hollandaise sauces we have tasted.  I wouldn’t blame TBD if they kept the recipe in a vault.  The spinach is complimented by large fragrant leaves of basil and the poached egg cooked perfectly with a runny yolk. The thick toast features a splash of herbs just to make sure that every element on the plate boasts as much flavour as possible.

Baked eggs

I watched as the poor chefs counted the baked eggs ($19) dishes on their list of orders… “four, five, six, seven baked eggs… every table has baked eggs”!

High demand then for such a simple but very tasty meal.  Unlike most other baked eggs we have sampled in the past there was very little blending of the flavours here as there was no tomato base.  The quadrants of the bowl are simple: egg, egg, serrano (air-dried and cured) ham and capsicum salsa.  Combined on more of the delicious herbed toast, the saltiness of the ham, freshness of the capsicum and almost cooked-through yolk was a hit.  Once again every element was flavoursome – even the lone slice of roasted tomato encrusted with herbs left me wanting more!

Breakfast at TBD is served until 11:30am (we made it with literally six minutes to spare) and we’re looking forward to returning for such delights as the bircher muesli with yoghurt, pear and apple ($12), roast field mushrooms with chilli and watercress ($16) and the ever-popular bacon and organic egg roll with pimento salsa and hollandaise sauce ($14 or $12 for takeaway).

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStar

Overall Rating: 19.5/25

Website: and
Phone: 9389 0010
Address: 143 Macpherson Street, Bronte, 2024
Payment Options: EFTPOS, credit cards, cash

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