Ricky’s Café Under The Bridge, Milsons Point – Rating: 16.5/25

Ricky's Café Under The Bridge

Ricky’s is very unassuming and easy to miss even if you are looking for it.  Quiet outside but buzzing within, we found the service to be one of this café’s standout points.  Ricky himself was sipping some coffee at the table next to us but had to move when new patrons needed the spot.  He’s a very friendly and warm character and we found all of the staff to be much the same.  This is definitely a hotspot for coffee on the way to the train station – there was always a line.  Victoire supplies the bread and it’s good to see freshly squeezed juices on the menu ($5.50 or $6 for Organic Orange Colo River Certified A).

Skim cappuccino

The line for coffee at Ricky’s is definitely justifiable.  Our skim cappuccino ($3) was strong and flavoursome (and the price was great too).  Organic teas by Penelope Sach are also available and include Petal (rose petal, lavender, rosehip, chamomile & clover), Summer Delight (calendula, spearmint, aniseed & fennel), Triple E (liquorice, fennel & peppermint) and Berry Tea (elder, hawthorn & juniper berries) ($5 each).

Mango smoothie

Two smoothies are available: mango and chocolate ($6.50).  We tried the mango which unfortunately was room temperature and contained too much yoghurt.  The consistency was not very inviting and in hindsight we should have chosen one of the teas.

Ricotta pancakes

The menu features some typical Sydney café staples.  The ricotta pancakes ($17.50) come layered with apple butter and covered in maple syrup.  The pancakes (in a stack of three) were thick, soft and contained a sweet hint of apple.  The bacon was plentiful and delightfully crispy (in fact the bacon was one of the best parts of our meals!)

Corn pancakes with bacon

The corn pancakes with bacon ($17.50) come served with tomato and a deceptively large amount of baby spinach.  The pancakes were irritatingly crumbly and would benefit from more egg to bind them together.  As you can imagine, the flavour was predominantly corn however there was not much else to keep them interesting.  The spinach and (especially) the bacon saved the dish as they combined well even though we battled to fork a decent amount of pancake!

Whilst not perfect, we enjoyed our breakfast at Ricky’s and the friendly ambience made for a very relaxing morning.  A return visit to Ricky’s will definitely mean that we’ll order eggs.  The perfectly poached, scrambled and fried eggs that surrounded us as other customers’ tables looked simply mouth-watering.  Other dishes include omelettes (corned beef with potato & onion or goats cheese, onion & baby spinach, $16.50 each), eggs Benedict ($18.50) and mixed mushroom scrambled egg with black truffle salsa on Levain toast ($18.50).

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStar

Overall Rating: 16.5/25

Address: Shop 6, Ennis Road, Milsons Point, 2061
Phone: 9955 8875

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash (minimum $25 for cards)

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