Blackwattle Café, Glebe – Rating: 18.5/25

Blackwattle Café

If you like good views, great food and adorable dogs, this is the café for you!  Blackwattle Bay café sits on the water’s edge in Glebe, across the bay from the ANZAC Bridge.  It is still a relatively new addition to the Glebe café scene but word is spreading fast.  We incur a short wait until a table outside frees up.  There are plenty of tables inside too but we don’t want to waste the gorgeous sunshine.

Soy chai latte

April orders a house blend of soy chai latte ($4).  It’s fluffy and aromatic.  Delicious!

Flat white

We order a range of coffees that arrive in egg yolk coloured cups.  They’re well priced at $3.30 (large $3.80, soy, decaf or doubles, add and extra 50c).  They taste great and add great colour to the table.

Skim cappuccino


One of our guests is tempted back for more coffee and orders a latte.  It tastes great and he admits it’s indulgent to have two great coffees in one sitting.

Free range eggs with toast, tomato and extra bacon

It’s hard to fault Blackwattle’s scrambled free range eggs with toast and tomato ($11) with bacon ($4) as we gobble it down.  The ingredients are of a high quality and it’s nice to have the butter on the side.

Andy's baled beans on toast

April is impressed with Andy’s baked beans on toast ($10).  There are a range of beans in the mixture, we can spot at least three by looking at the photo.  The beans were moist and delicious, a great option for vegetarians!

Free range eggs with toast, tomato and extra mushrooms

“The eggs are just eggs” says one of our guests of her free range eggs with toast and tomato ($11) with mushrooms ($4) on the side.  Although that’s true, the source of the eggs and the chef preparing them can hugely alter the result.  By the end of the meal there’s nothing left which is a good sign. She continues to rave about the mushrooms which were fresh, succulent and lightly seasoned.

Toasted ham sandwich with walnut and celery remoulade

Something we hadn’t tried before was the toasted ham sandwich with walnut and celery remoulade ($15).  The bread was thin, fluffy and lightly toasted with a generous layer of ham inbetween.  The celery flavour is not overpowering at all and works well with the seeded mustard.  This is a nice alternative to the standard melted cheese sandwich and very light on the palette.

Flourless orange and almond cake (gluten Free)

Inside the cafe there are muffins, cakes and brownies so we try the last two.  Our stomachs stretch as we sample the gluten free flourless orange and almond cake which is soft and has a hint of liqueur throughout.  Despite our bulging stomachs, our taste buds water at the sight of the…


… heavenly, moist chocolate and walnut brownie with chunks of chocolate hidden inside. April leaves with a smile on her face (and can hardly walk by this stage).

Very pet friendly

Today, dogs and children are everywhere.  The café offers poles away from the tables so you can tie your pet nearby.  They even have a Dog of the Week on their website:  We love it!

It’s ironic that when reviewing a café with one of the smallest menus we’ve seen, that we reviewed so many dishes but we’re obviously now in a great position to say that we were impressed with the quality of everything that was served.  Although some of the waitstaff seemed a bit too relaxed there were no major hassles with service.  The view and location (especially on sunny days) are hard to beat and once you sit back with a paper and a great cup of coffee, you’ll find it hard to leave.

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar(less if you’re not fond of animals or children)
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 18.5/25

Phone: 9692 9785
Address: 55 Leichhardt Street, Glebe, 2037

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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