Zinc, Potts Point – Rating: 16/25


Zinc was very busy considering how early we arrived.  This didn’t pose a problem though as there is plenty of seating both inside and out.  We seated ourselves and were tended to very quickly (multiple times in the first few minutes in fact).  The patrons themselves seemed to mainly be over 40s with the occasional young couple nursing sore heads from a big night out.


The soy chai ($4) was aromatic but lacked flavour.  We’re used to the bold flavours of cloves, cinnamon and cardamom cutting through the soy milk.  However the loose leaf tea and spices were a nice alternative to a powdered soy latte mixture found at many other cafés.  Zinc offers a range of teas including: English breakfast, Earl Grey, orange pekoe, peppermint, lemon garden, Genmai Cha green tea, lemongrass & ginger.

Carrot and apple juice

Zinc thankfully squeezes their own fresh juices.  Some mixes on offer include orange, grapefruit, apple & celery and carrot & ginger ($6.05).  Dane requested his own mix of carrot and apple which he could have little to complain about when it was served promptly and just-squeezed.

Hot chocolate

With the onslaught of winter approaching, hot chocolate ($3) is a good warming choice!  The froth on top was thick and rich and this drink tasted great.  Hazelnut hot chocolate ($4) is also available.

Buttermilk pancake

Unfortunately we weren’t paying attention when the menu said buttermilk pancake ($12.65) – singular.  We were expecting more than the one.  It did taste fantastic though and was topped with a spiced pear sauce and a few slices of poached pears.  A dollop of ricotta sat on top which to be honest wasn’t even necessary – the pancake and pears tasted so good.  We could have ordered another but didn’t want a $24 breakfast.

Corned beef hash

It was nice to see something different on the breakfast menu with the corned beef hash with fried egg ($17.60).  The corned beef was soft and tender in contrast to the crispy hash.  The peas and onions hidden in the mixture made it seem like a very sophisticated version of good ol’ bubble and squeak.  The egg combined the ingredients well and made for a satisfying meal. Opinions were divided as to whether the pancake or hash was the tastiest, however we were happy with the quality of both.
Take a wander around Potts Point after your breakfast.  There are bookshops, green grocers and delis flayed about on the main road.  If you wander further towards Elizabeth Bay, you’ll find yourself in a gorgeous little park with harbour views.

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStar

Overall Rating: 16/25

Phone: 9358 6777
Address: 77 Macleay Street, Potts Point, 2011

Payment Options: Credit card, EFTPOS, cash

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