Recommendations? Comment here!

Is your local café something special?  Have you found a great coffee or breakfast?  Submit some recommendations and we’ll add them to our list of cafés to visit.

6 responses to “Recommendations? Comment here!

  1. Yay, first post!

    I highly recommend Cafe Ella and The Shortlist on Abercrombie Street, Darlington.

    Cafe Ella for the coffee, homemade bagels and roast beef roll. The Shortlist for the amazing bacon and egg roll – good coffee too apparently.

  2. I wont suggest a single cafe. But I will suggest a link,

    I’m not associated with running the site or magazine, but there are lots of great cafes and restaurants to be found out south west. Two were just featured on Sydney Weekender, Olives and Barenz in Camden.

    Great site you have, really enjoy your reviews. If this rain ever stops I’ll set out and try some.

  3. Don Adan Cremorne has some interesting dishes (pupusas and typico) and is definately worth a visit.

    Ganache Castlcrag is more patisserie than cafe but they do have seating / table service.

  4. First, may I just say that I Love your site! Unfortunately for me though, I’m all the way in the west, so it’s a little hard to go to some places. 😦 But it’s nice reading reviews.

    I recommend Henri Marc in Penrith. If you have a sweet tooth, I suggest the caramel toast!

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