Jenny’s Café, Bronte – Rating: 14.5/25

Jenny's Café

Jenny's Café

This week Dane was on a mission… a mission to find the best bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado and tomato (BLEAT) he had ever eaten… he failed.  Unfortunately we were not able to retrace his steps well enough to find the café that had served him this delicious sandwich so we instead chose one of the other establishments on the Bronte beach strip.  Normally bathed in sunlight and situated just across the street from Bronte Park and Bronte Beach, you will find a café here to suit all palates and budgets.  Jenny’s has plenty of space both inside and out however most people tend to opt for the latter.

Think Pink, mixed fruit juice and Bronte Berry

If fresh juice is your thing, Jenny’s is the place to go.  Basic juices ($5.50) available are orange, apple, celery, pineapple, carrot, beetroot, watermelon, mint and ginger.  You are able to choose a combination of up to four of these (five if you include mint or ginger) and Jenny’s makes it easier to choose by including a variety of suggestions.

The Think Pink contained strawberry, apple and watermeleon and tasted fantastic.  The person who mixes and juices these drinks knows what they’re doing as the flavour combination was just right.

The mixed fruit juice (beetroot, apple, mint) was a great purple colour and very refreshing.  It was very healthy too and gave us a boost of energy.

The Bronte Berry ($6.50) is a berry whip consisting of apple juice, banana and wild berries.  We voted this the best of our sampling.  We are inclined to think that part of the mixture is frozen as some of the ice and berries were formed in small boulders.  This is not an issue, merely an observation.

Bacon egg roll with home made tomato relish

The bacon egg roll ($10.50) is offered with either BBQ sauce or home made tomato relish (which we chose).  The photo above does not show much but there were two eggs and plenty of bacon to be found within.  The tomato relish lacked any major flavour punch and we think BBQ would have suited the sandwich more however we enjoyed this simple dish for what it was: filling, tasty comfort food.

Fried eggs served with toast and grilled tomato

The fried eggs were satisfactory yet lacked character.  They could’ve been more generous with the spinach (you can see it hiding behind the eggs in the photo above) and there was also a piece of tomato under the bread.  We don’t like packet butter because it’s a waste of packaging and it was rock hard from the fridge.  The bread however was delightful and redeemed the dish.

Fresh fruit crêpe - banana

The fresh fruit crêpes ($10.50) are served with either strawberries or banana and with maple syrup on the side.  The crêpes had a smooth, melting texture and the banana was slightly fried.  The two made for a great flavour combination.  The maple syrup was served on the side which was great because the crêpes didn’t go soggy and we could add as much syrup as we liked.

Fresh seasonal fruit salad with low fat yoghurt

The fresh seasonal fruit salad ($8.50) had enough variety to keep us interested.  We had asked for yoghurt on the side although some of the fruit still had remnants of it on top.  The yoghurt was presented unmajestically on a side plate which made us avoid it, although it did taste fantastic once we worked up the courage to try.  The fruit comprised of apples, strawberries, blueberries, banana, rockmelon and honeydew melon.  There was nothing standout as we have come to expect from some establishments but it was sizable, tasted great and the price was just right…

Bronte Beach

The fruit salad summed up the meal… some good variety and decent, tasty food but nothing to necessarily help Jenny’s Café stand out from others.  We certainly would recommend it for a quick, tasty, cheap meal when you’re enjoying a trip to Bronte.

When you’re done with your meal, wait at least 30 minutes before swimming.  Bronte has a reputation for rough surf and you don’t want to waste a good crêpe.  Bring a blanket for a nap on the grass or ride the miniature train by the beach.  You can also follow the coastal walk around to Bondi by which time you’ll be ready to eat and drink again.  A word of warning, there isn’t much parking close by so be prepared to move your car every hour and feed horrendous fees into the parking meter.

Taste: StarStarStar
Service: StarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 14.5/25

Phone: 9389 7498
Address: 485 Bronte Road, Bronte, 2024

Payment Options: Credit cards, EFTPOS, cash ($20 minimum for cards, 10% surcharge on weekends and public holidays, no split bills)

3 responses to “Jenny’s Café, Bronte – Rating: 14.5/25

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  2. I used to live in Elizabeth Bay and frequented “Cafe Two Ants” Around 2003. they had BLT with Avocado on their menu and on occasion I wanted Eggs too. So from then on every time I went in I asked for a BLEAT. Absolutely scrumptious! Turkish bread (toasted)chunky mashed avocado spread on each side, crispy strips of bacon, couple of slices of organic tomato, a beautifully poached free range egg and nice loose leaf lettuce. But what made it more special was the home made mustard seed mayo and my standard helping of Tabasco sauce. Never since have I had a BLEAT as good. Mind you, I was chuffed at the time, thinking I had invented a new breakfast dish… The BLEAT! Lo and behold there are others out there with the same taste as me. 🙂

    I USED to be a regular at Jennys for breakfast but not anymore. Last time I was there I thought I’d order something different and tried the scramble egg wrap with guacamole and sour cream. Firstly, the way the wrap was presented could have been done by a five year old. Not even toasted. Anyway, there was water running out of the wrap and all you could taste was the sweet chilli sauce. Horrible. No guacamole in sight at all. Then we ordered some yoghurt on the side and got a tiny bowl with not more than two teaspoons full and were charged with 2$. I suppose that was one dollar per teaspoon. Very disappointing and won’t return.

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