No. 9, Potts Point – Rating: 23/25

No. 9

Cafe number 9 stands out as one of Sydney’s best cafes.  As we approach we notice the sophisticated set up.  Gold plated number nines frame the door and brasserie style chairs beckon from the pavement.  It looks like a ritzy hotel but is quite petite inside. The interior is plush and cosy.  The lighting is warm and gold gilded landscape paintings hang from the walls.  We learn that the owner’s brother is an interior designer and that that the place has only been opened 8 months.  It’s early on a Sunday morning and we arrive well before the residents of urban Potts Point.

Skim cappuccino

The staff are relaxed and friendly. We feel like we’re friends already.  We order two Skim Cappuccinos ($3.50).  The barista says the blend is Genovese, roasted in Melbourne.  The coffee is aromatic and the taste is smooth and delicious.

Pancake with banana puree and poached rhubarb

We ask for recommendations and the waiter suggests the Pancake with banana puree and poached rhubarb ($14.50) and No.9 Bruschetta poached eggs with avocado salsa ($14.50).   Both dishes are hard to fault.  The pancakes are perfect- light, fluffy and dusted with icing sugar.  The banana puree is a pleasant surprise, ripe and easy to spread.  The rhubarb complements the sweetness of the banana and is a natural choice to serve this time of the year.

No.9 Bruschetta poached eggs with avocado salsa

The No.9 Bruschetta poached eggs with avocado salsa is an explosion of colour.  When we break the eggs the yellow of the yolk contrasts with the red tomatoes and green rocket.  It tastes pretty good too.  Like the other produce, the avocado is ripe and soft with a subtle flavour.  It looks massive in the photo however it was a reasonably sized portion and we eat it all.


We finish our meals and sit in the golden glow of the lamps.  This is a cafe you can easily stay at all day drinking coffee, chatting with friends or reading the paper.  We imagine lunches spanning hours while the cold wind blows outside or dinners by the  glorious glow of the lamps.  There is also a gorgeous upstairs balcony area with faux bookcases.  A trip to the restroom is highly recommended too as it’s fitted out with great wallpaper.

The brunch crowds begin to stumble in so we drag ourselves away from the cafe. If you have time we suggest a trip to the Potts Point markets just off Ward Avenue.  There is a lady who sells fragrant soy candles and there’s plenty of other stalls selling plants, books and clothes.  If markets aren’t your thing, stroll down to Rushcutters Bay Park for a gorgeous view of Sydney Harbour (and maybe a bask in the winter’s sun).

Taste: StarStarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar

Overall Rating: 23/25

Phone: (02) 9331 1399
Address: Shop 2, 9 Ward Avenue, Potts Point, ,2011

Genovese coffee:

Payment Options: Cash

3 responses to “No. 9, Potts Point – Rating: 23/25

  1. Hey April:

    I do check your blog! 23/25 seems like pretty good rating.
    I’m a big fan of Bruschett, might go there and have a try sometimes!

  2. I went there today.the presentation is good.but the taste was very ordinary to me.we had one linguini dish,which was very greasy.very disappointly,In my French toast plate,I found a hair which was not mine.maybe We just simply don’t have any luck with our dish today.

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