Belle Fleur Café, Enfield – Rating 15/25

Outside Seating, Belle Fleur Cafe

Situated within the gardens of Flower Power nursery in Enfield, this café is a great meeting spot for friends and families.  Children can wander around the ponds and fountains and chatter to the birds in the aviary.  There is a designated smoking area far from the rest of the tables which is a welcome change.  The café was bustling with life when we arrived at 11am on a Sunday.  I booked for a party of 12 people and reconfirmed the day before, however we arrived to a table for 8.

We ordered and paid at the counter where the service was rushed and the wait staff were not particularly welcoming.  The drinks and dishes came slowly from the kitchen and some later orders came well before those that were ordered first.

Flat White

The drinks were tasty and met our expectations.  The vanilla milkshake ($5.00) brought back childhood memories and the coffees hit the spot after a late Saturday night.  Coffees came in two sizes, a cup for $3.25 and mug (tall glass) for $4.20.  We indulged in a cappuccino, mocha, hot chocolate and flat white. The coffee was well roasted but not presented as well as we are used to.

Mocha, Mug Size

The menu stated that ‘fresh fruit frappes’ were available however when asked what they contained the wait staff were not sure.  The waitress then produced a bottle of premade frappe demonstrating that the mixture contained berries.  We were disappointed that the frappes were not made fresh and decided against ordering one.  In addition there were no freshly made juices which didn’t leave a lot of fresh and healthy options for a hot summer morning.

Mini Orange Cake

The mini orange cake ($4) and caramel cheese cake with ice cream ($7.80) were an impressive sight.  Creations made out of toffee impressed all members of our party, children and adults included.  The taste didn’t impress as much as the presentation however they were still delicious.

Caramel Cheesecake

Breakfast finished at 11:30am so one member opted for the Linguine with home made meatballs ($19) from the lunch menu.  Our guest reported that the meat balls did indeed taste homemade and she was impressed with the fresh herbs used in the dish.  She also commented that the prices seemed quite high, ‘…the Fish and Chips were like 22 bucks!’ They also offer a selection of dishes on the Children’s Menu for those under 12 years of age.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Overall, the cafe is a great place to bring children and have a satisfying meal.  Being located within the nursery and close to Henley Park it’s a great way to start a leisurely Sunday.

NB: 10% surcharge applies for Sundays and public holidays.


Overall Rating: 15/25

Phone: 9744 6449
Address: 27 Mitchell St, Enfield

Payment Options: CC, EFTPOS, cash

2 responses to “Belle Fleur Café, Enfield – Rating 15/25

  1. Thanks for organizing the reunion on sunday April. What can I say good food, good people and delightful conversation. A really good day out.

  2. Hey April nice to see you again!!! 😀
    nice post 🙂
    should catch up again 🙂


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