Digi.Kaf, Glebe – Rating: 19/25



You’d be forgiven for walking past Digi.Kaf without noticing it – one of us did while the others were waiting inside!  It’s a very understated and unassuming location not marked by the outdoor seating you see at most cafés.  Inside there is plenty of space.  We visited late morning on a week day so were seated and served promptly.

Digi.Kaf interior

Digi.Kaf interior

The first room is made up of benches, tables and chairs along one wall, with barista and cash register on the other.  The interior is sunny and open, the styling definitely has an air of industrialism with construction toys and a large fabricated coffee cup logo.

Digi.Kaf interior

Digi.Kaf interior

Up some stairs and the second room of Digi.Kaf contains four internet-capable computers (this is an internet café after all) and plenty of comfortable seating.  Arrive too late on a busy weekend and this is where you’ll find yourself sipping a coffee while you wait for a table to become available.

Strawberry smoothie

Strawberry smoothie

The strawberry smoothie ($6) with ice cream, honey and yoghurt was fantastic.  Very thick but full of flavour and definitely passed Dane’s smoothie test!  The skim cappuccino ($3.50 for regular, $4 and $4.50 for larger sizes) received rave reviews from those who ordered.



The benedict with ham ($13.50) (also available with salmon and dill pesto hollandaise, $15.50) takes a departure from the usual English muffin and is served with wholemeal toast.  The eggs were cooked extremely well and the hollandaise was as good as any we have tasted in Sydney.  However the person who ordered this dish personally prefers thicker cuts of leg ham to the shaved grilled ham that arrived.

Sourdough stack

Sourdough stack

The sourdough stack ($13.90) (also available as a half stack, $7.90) is a sight to behold.  Towering on the plate, it comprises of crispy sourdough with two poached eggs.  On top of this is is fresh rocket, and shaved parmesan.  This is all topped off with a decent amount of prosciutto with more cheese and cracked pepper.  We added avocado on the side ($3).  The prosciutto was a nice deviation from bacon.  It was crispy and complemented the dish yo a tee.

Quesidalla (single)

Quesadilla (single)

The inclusion of Mexican inspired dishes added variety to the menu. It was great to try something different and it didn’t disappoint.  The quesadilla (single serve, $12.50) was light and fluffy and oozed cheese and refried beans.  The dish is complemented with a bowl of spicy tomato jam and sour cream.  The combination went surprisingly well with scrambled eggs and is recommended for a late lazy breakfast.  We’ll be back for this dish.

Overall the staff were friendly and the food was exceptional, a great local staple.  The pricing we found to be a mixed bag though. Some dishes seemed reasonable, while others were way above their equivalents at other cafés.

Taste: StarStarStarStar
Service: StarStarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStar
Value: StarStarStar

Overall Rating: 19/25
Website:  http://www.digikaf.com.au
Phone: 9660 3509
Address: 174 St. Johns Road, Glebe, 2037

Payment Options: CC, EFTPOS, cash

One response to “Digi.Kaf, Glebe – Rating: 19/25

  1. Love Digikaf! The best breakfast in Sydney 🙂

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