SIDE DISH: Ingolfs Kaffebar, Copenhagen – Rating: 18/25

Ingolfs Kaffebar

Ingolfs Kaffebar

Ingolfs is a very trendy cafe in one of Copenhagen’s inner suburbs open till late and often featuring guest bands and special music events.  The staff were very welcoming and everyone in the cafe seemed to be on speaking terms with one another.

Potatoes on homebaked rye with bacon, herbs and homemade mayonnaise

Potatoes on homebaked rye with bacon, herbs and homemade mayonnaise

Our first dish was a Danish classic, kartoffelmad (literally potato food) which consists of cooked baby potatoes sliced on Danish rye bread with toppings such as mayonnaise (simple) or herbs, bacon and small flavoursome vegebtales (more complex).  This item was potatoes on homemade ryebread with bacon, herbs and homemade mayonnaise (approx $15).  The potatoes were drizzled with a beautifully flavoured basil oil.  The bacon was cooked less than typical (see the other dish below for example) which suited well.  The rye was fresh and flavoursome.  All-in-all a fantastic meal.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, chilli sausages & homemade bread

Scrambled eggs, bacon, chilli sausages & homemade bread

A basic and filling dish, this was ordered on the basis of… you can never have enough Danish bacon!  The scrambled eggs had not had anything added to them during cooking but the flavour of the bacon made up for this.  More of the tasty rye and the most incredible sausages!  Hiding amongst the bacon were 2 (what?!  two?) mini sausages whose flavour resembled chorizo.  They were thick and full of flavour.  With each cut, I expected juices and meat to come spilling out because of the denseness.  The only downside was the number of these I received.  Finding one was like striking gold!

I’m looking forward to returning to Ingolfs one evening to enjoy some jazz and welcoming atmosphere.

Taste: StarStarStarStarhalf
Presentation: StarStarStarStarhalf
Service: StarStarStar
Atmosphere: StarStarStarStar
Value: StarStarStarStar – 3 stars if we were to pay these prices in Sydney

Overall Rating: 18/25

Phone: 32 59 95 96
Address: Ingolfs Alle 3, 2300, København S, Denmark

Payment Options: Dankort cards, cash

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